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David Eason Slaughters And Eats His Pigs, Sparks Division Between ‘Teen Mom 2’ Fans

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David Eason’s well-known for controversy. And, over the Christmas holiday, he managed to spark rows and division between Teen Mom 2 fans twice. The first episode came after he commented on the recent Texas shooting in a church. Now, he shared about slaughtering his pigs and said they tasted very nice. Fans got worked up as they held opposing views to each other.

David Eason claimed ‘that woman’ tried ruining the holidays, fans think he revenge-ate the pigs

TV Shows Ace reported that David claimed “that woman” tried to ruin the holiday season. It came after his home allegedly got broken into, and his tools got stolen. Plus, he also claimed he lost his boat and hunting things. At the time, fans speculated that he meant Jenelle was somehow behind the alleged incident. Plus prior to that, he claimed someone “stole his dog.” Once again, fans wondered if Jenelle got involved.

Now, he declared that he ate the pigs down on “The Land,” and some fans wonder if he did that for “revenge” on Jenelle. Katie Joy from Without A Crystal Ball shared about the post on her Instagram account. Many people commented on that. And, like a previous post by David, division arose between fans of the MTV show. In the previous post on Facebook, he commented on the Texas church shooting. Popculture noted that “sparked a heated debate on social media.”

Pigs killed and eaten – fans divided over it

The David Eason post that Katie shared showed a meal. The caption read, “Remember those hogs we had??” Then, David described them as “delicious.” Some fans reacted with horror. But, in North Carolina, many homesteaders raise animals for their own consumption. As Mother Earth News notes, killing animals that they raise might not be great fun, but “it’s necessary.” In fact, like the people who run that blog, many people “reject the idea that commercial operations are required to feed the world.”

But some Teen Mom 2 fans hate the concept of it. And, they immediately assume that David Eason killed them inhumanely and spitefully. That probably came from the death of Nugget the dog. One fan suggested he ate the pigs to “get revenge” on Jenelle. But another fan noted that even Jenelle denied the pigs were ever raised to become pets. One follower said, “anyone who can raise an animal, then kill it and eat it. Sorry, but you’re all f*cked up in some way… I could never care for an animal only to then kill it.”

Fans get into a dispute over killing animals for food

It seems that killing and eating animals for food is as divisive as to whether parents should vaccinate their kids. The discussion between David Eason critics and fans took off into a debate over the ethics of it all. One follower noted, “Not everyone eats meat! Go buy it why kill your own 😭🤦 & then POST IT.” But another fan said, “I can’t fault him for this one. I personally couldn’t do it but a lot of people are raising their own meat these days🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️.”

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David Eason slaughter their pigs 😱

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The arguments for and against it all raged on. And, nowhere does it seem people can agree to disagree. What do you think about it all? Do you think David always intended to kill and eat the pigs? Or, did he do it to get “revenge” on Jenelle? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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