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’90 Day Fiance’: Tania Racks Up More Haters After Partying In Costa Rica Without Syngin

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90 Day Fiance fans know the TLC show always brings along a villain. In Season 7, from the very beginning, Tania Maduro picked up haters and trollers. So much so, that early in the season, Syngin asked people to back off on her. But, fans think his loyalty’s misplaced. Overall, Tania probably ranks as one of the most hated characters in the show. Her partying in Costa Rica while Syngin lived in the USA with Tania’s mom just won her more critics.

90 Day Fiance star Syngin shares messages of love and dislikes the haters on Tania’s social media

TV Shows Ace reported back in November that Tania already accumulated haters. Syngin went into his Instagram to talk about it. He expressed his feelings in an Instagram Story. He noted, “We as humans should not judge one another…fans don’t see the whole story.” And, he always seems forgiving and loving.

In fact, ahead of the recent episode where we saw Tania partying hard while he remained in the USA, he still spoke about love. In his post he wrote, “Now that’s my vibe🇿🇦🇿🇦🧭🌍 life is short and fast so just be you and be free…always give love it’s the best present you can give anybody.”

In summary of the episode, Yahoo carried a story by Entertainment Tonight. They noted that Tania went off to Costa Rica for her herbal witch-doctor course. There, she complained because Syngin, alone at home in a foreign country with her mom, wanted too much communication.

Actually, fans saw her getting rather cozy with her instructor and partying hard. Even 90 Day Fiance star Syngin expressed some doubts about Tania’s fidelity. Fans felt terribly sorry for him. And, some went off to complain on Tania’s Instagram. But, she won’t tolerate critics over there.

Fans comment on YouTube and Twitter about Tania partying in Costa Rica

During the episode on Sunday, and on a clip that TLC shared on YouTube, fans had things to say about Tania, again. On YouTube, one fan of 90 Day Fiance noted, “Still trying to wrap my head around this. Tania knows she got 90 days to marry syngin but she leaves him for 30 days with her friends to check out guys in costa rica while syngin becomes house wife, cleans up the house, fix everything, clean the backyard and yet stays there with Tania mom? Hell no! And she doesn’t have the time to talk to him.”

Another person wrote, “Honestly I think Tania faked being emotional at the airport. She is a sociopath. She wants a husband as more of a possession like wanting a child too. She lacks empathy and should remain single with her mother. She makes American women look crazy.” Then one fan simply said, “I feel bad for this South African brother of mine, just come back home.” Actually, fans from his home country express growing anxiety for the “their” boy in the USA.

Twitter reactions also slam Tania Maduro over Syngin

On Twitter, disgust for Tania grows exponentially. Actually, it’s not trolling for the sake of it. People genuinely seemed alarmed at her behavior. One 90 Day Fiance follower wrote, “Tania really uses feminism as an excuse to be an emotionally abusive, neglectful, unfaithful, unaccountable, selfish b*tch.”

Another critic noted, “literally f*cking hate Tania. You literally brought this man over from another country, and leave him for a month.. yet have the audacity to make him feel bad for wanting to talk to you?” Then, this comment hit hard, “If I was Syngin I would have already gone home. No one has time for the living conditions or bullsh*t that Tania and her family are putting him through.” 

Many similar sentiments poured in across the platform. What do you think about it all? Did TLC edit her as a villain? Or, is she really as heartless and selfish as many fans seem to think? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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