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‘Y&P’ Star Rachel Beaver Breaks Silence On Roach-Infested Present

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As we previously reported, Young and Pregnant star Rachel Beaver recently caught a lot of heat on social media.

The teenager mother received a lot of negative attention after sharing what was intended to be a sweet video of herself and her daughter opening Christmas presents. The video, unfortunately, was overshadowed by the cockroach her followers noticed crawling out of the wrapped present.

Rachel Beaver has broken her silent on the cockroach-infested Christmas video, and she isn’t happy about it.

“Honestly didn’t know there was a f*cking roach in the present or it would’ve been dead. The tree is right next to my front door & it’s been very hot in TN this last week.” The MTV star penned in an Instagram Story yesterday.

She added: “Quit acting like y’all ain’t ever seen a d*mn roach. Ya’ll act like I put it in there.”

Rachel, however, wasn’t done with the single update. She also included a snapshot of someone in her private messages on Instagram. The individual announced that they’d never seen a cockroach in person before. She declared it was “good for them,” though it was clear she didn’t believe them.

Rachel Beaver Instagram Stories
[Rachel Beaver’s Instagram Stories]
Some of Rachel’s followers took issue with the condition of her living arrangements. Some suggested her house was dirty and that is why the present had a cockroach in it. Rachel wasn’t happy about these comments and messages either.

The young mother responds to those claiming the roach was the result of a dirty house.

“Nothings wrong w my mommas house either. It’s a d*mn bug get over your selfs. I see all these people in my DMs ‘ya house is nasty’ ‘it didn’t just crawl in’ stfu are you the roach? Did he tell you he didn’t just crawl in? Stfu. I’m over hearing it.”

Rachel proceeded to confirm the roach did crawl out of the present she had wrapped one of her daughter’s snacks in.

She, however, pointed out that she didn’t put the roach in the present. Moreover, she clarified the snack itself was still sealed. So, it wasn’t like the bug go into the snacks.

Rachel Beaver Instagram
[Rachel Beaver’s Instagram Stories]
“…each one of her snacks are individually wrapped there is NO WAY a bug is getting to them,” she concluded.

During her Instagram Stories rant, she also noted that it wasn’t her house and she was rarely home.

“Ya” act like you reallyyy got me figured out, you don’t.” She quipped.

She’s deleted comments regarding the video from her social media profile.

In addition to her Instagram Story updates, her social media activity suggests she doesn’t want to discuss the topic anymore. The young TV personality has actively deleted any comments on her Instagram and Facebook profile regarding the cockroach incident.

Tv Shows Ace did reach out to Rachel Beaver for a comment regarding the cockroach present, but didn’t receive a response.

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