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‘OutDaughtered’: Busby Family Takes Their ‘Longest Road Trip’ As A Family Of Eight

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OutDaughtered fans probably saw Danielle and Adam Busby’s family enjoy their best Christmas yet. The kids get bigger and therefore better able to enjoy the season. We heard they enjoyed their school play. Plus, Parker made a big personal decision. And, they enjoyed a Texan day-after-Christmas and gave each other gifts. Now, they set off on a road trip, and Danielle mentioned the “longest road trip as a family of 8.”

OutDaughtered – Christmas holiday season looks like a big success for the Busby family

The Busby home looked like a barrel of fun this year. TV Shows Ace reported that after they shopped and decorated, they enjoyed a fun Christmas. Then, on the day-after-Christmas, the girls baked cookies with their mom. Later, Adam took them to the park. There, they played happily on the slides without jackets. Texas in the park seemed perfect weather. Fans loved Riley in her long pigtails.

While preparing for Christmas, the girls chose their own new hairstyles. A milestone moment came when Parker made a very personal and determined choice for herself. Fans know she’s hesitant and anxious. But, the pre-Christmas gift for her dad Adam got revealed by him, Cheatsheet noted. Absolutely delighted, he rejoiced as she came over strong and confident. She opted for short hair like her sister Blayke. So, yeah, it’s been mostly a good year for the OutDaughtered family.

The ‘longest road trip’ for the ‘family of 8’

Christmas done and dusted, Danielle told fans they set off on a road trip. She shared that the ambitious trip across Texas to Oklahoma “marks the longest road trip the Busbys have ever taken as a family of 8.” Actually, we saw the family road-tripping in the past. But, with the quints so little, they often traveled with Uncle Dale and Danielle’s family helping out. The Outdaugtered mom explained that they “stopped a bajillion times” to “potty.”

However, the family made it to Oklahoma before the sun went down, despite starting out “three-hours later than planned.” They stopped by that big sign and posed for the camera. Fans noted how cleverly the OutDaughtered family did that. Each family member stood under a letter relevant to them. A sharp-eyed fan noted that. They commented, “Olivia under the O – Ava under the A – Hazel of course under the H – M for Mom – A – Adam – Parker Kate under the K – Blake under the L because it’s in her name – Reilly hmmm unique!”

Road trip video

One thing fans of the OutDaughtered family know these days is that Adam should upload a video of their trip. His It’s A Buzz World channel on YouTube brings us wonderful glimpses into the beloved family of eight.

What do you think about the Busby family stopping to “potty” a “bajillion times?” Do you know the feeling well? Sound off about your road trip experiences as a family in the comments below.

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