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‘Unexpected’ Fans Blast Christmas Day Troll On Hailey 2’s Instagram

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Unexpected fans mostly know that Christmas brings a time of love, family, and peace. But, it seems that makes no difference to trolls on Hailey 2’s Instagram. Recall that Hailey 2 revealed she expects a baby at the Tell-All of the TLC show. Since then, things between her and her baby daddy, Matthew Blevins, seem a bit rocky. But, she regularly posts updates on her now 24-week pregnancy. On Christmas day, a troll slapped at her, and Hailey’s fans blasted them for it.

Unexpected – Hailey 2 just got out of hospital

TV Shows Ace reported that Hailey went into hospital the other day. We reported that she said she got a bad “tummy bug.” Concerned for her and the baby, doctors put her on an IV. And, they brought in equipment to check on her baby’s heart rate. Obviously things worked out, Hailey was again hydrated and she and went home.

We don’t know if Matthew went to see her in the hospital. He never said anything about it on his social media. The Ashley’s Reality Round Up noted that their relationship seems rather rocky. Hints of major breakups came out on and off between the two Unexpected stars. But Hailey seemed definitely in a bad place with him when she later shared on IG that things are “toxic” between them.

Christmas Day post by Hailey 2 attracts a troll

On Christmas Day, Hailey shared a photo of herself looking much better. She captioned it with, “Merry Christmas from me and my growing baby 💚🎄 #24weekspregnant.” Many fans wished her a Merry Christmas and a safe pregnancy going forward. But, mere minutes later, a troll pitched up on the post. Ready to toss the Christmas spirit in the garbage can, they spewed their criticism of Hailey.

The troll said to Hailey 2, “Maybe if you would try EATING’ then just maybe you would stop having to go to the hospital…keep starving your baby & you gonna end up going into labor🙏🙏🙏🙏Stop trying to be skinny…your baby needs NUTRITION ♥️🙏💚 FT Most babies do not make it when their born before 28 weeks…Facts (sic)”.

Fans blast the troll on Hailey’s post at Christmas

Angry fans of Hailey 2 let the troll have it. In fact, they know Hailey picked up a tummy bug. That’s why she went to the hospital, not because she doesn’t eat during her pregnancy. Here’s what some loyal Unexpected fans said to the troll:

  • “talk about uncalled for comment. I doubt she is starving herself. Some moms are sick during their pregnancy. Cost no money to mind your own business.”
  • “Are you with her all the time? do you know her life? no. so keep your comments to yourself. You can not go based on someone’s weight if they’re “starving” themselves or not..and I highly doubt she is concerning she’s carrying a child. Smh.”
  • “If she was starving and not eating and the baby was not thriving the doctors or hospital would call CPS. Stay out of this girl’s problems and stop accusing what you don’t know.”
  • “you sound f*cking stupid! First of all your comment wasn’t needed But since we’re sticking our nose into people’s business let me just say this as a 40 weeker !! When I first got pregnant I ate but threw up literally EVERYTHING including water & some days I wouldn’t have an appetite…you don’t know what pregnant people go through.”


What did you think about the troll deciding Christmas Day was a good time to try and slam Hailey 2? Do you think it uncalled for, and obvious they never had a baby themselves? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace often for more updates about Hailey 2 of TLC’s Unexpected.

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