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‘Rescue Ink: Unleashed’: What is This Show and How Can You Watch It?

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If you are watching the new show Don’t F–K With Cats on Netflix, then you have heard about Rescue Ink: Unleashed. They actually helped to find the person behind suffocating two kittens. So is this a show and how can you watch it?

What is Rescue Ink: Unleashed?

Rescue Ink: Unleashed is a group of guys who have tattoos and also have a lot of love for animals. The show was on National Geographic back in 2009. The men on this show were very aggressive in letting people know that they were not okay with the way they were doing things. The show was set in New York.

There is a page on Facebook that says that Rescue Ink no longer exists. It looks like they have moved on. They also used to have a website that isn’t valid either now. It looks like they have moved on, but of course, anyone who is an animal lover is probably still a bit involved in rescue.

The group broke up in 2010. The details about what happened are not to be found on the Internet, though. The members did share on their pages about leaving, though.

How can you watch this series?

This show was actually on National Geographic. It is available to purchase on Amazon now. You can get one season of the show on there. There are also a lot of clips on YouTube of the show. The team members were also on an episode of Dr. Phil.

Right now, the show isn’t around at all anymore except for in reruns. The crazy thing is that now that Don’t F–K With Cats is so popular it might be something that is talked about again in the future.

If you haven’t seen Don’t F–K With Cats on Netflix you can still watch it. This is a three-episode documentary.

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