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‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Thrilled As Parker Busby Makes Her Own Personal Decision

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OutDaughtered fans recall that Parker, one of the quints in the Busby family stands out. Parker deals with shyness, anxiety, and the cameras on her. Her testing for school left her very uncomfortable and obviously very stressed. The Busby’s took her to a therapist and Adam Busby tries to engage with her so the world feels safer. Now, she has made a very determined personal decision. Both Adam and the quints’ fans seem thrilled.

OutDaughtered quint Parker looks remote and sad a lot

Back during the school testing, we reported how well Riley did on the tests. But poor Parker looked totally withdrawn and quiet. Actually, some people thought she looked terrified. Many people seemed a bit upset that the family made her try the test on camera.

Cheatsheet also reminds us that “Parker is known for her extreme anxiety, and she panics when faced with new and unfamiliar situations.” On Adam Busby’s Instagram, we sometimes see Parker looking very sad. On one post, a fan said that no child should ever look that unhappy. But, the OutDaughtered parents are aware of the problem. And, Adam tries especially hard with her. You can see in the video below, where Parker rides on a roller coaster, how happy he looked to see a flicker of a smile.


OutDaughtered – Parker chooses her own haircut

Ahead of Christmas, Danielle Busby shared on Instagram about the kids going for haircuts. Days like this often get recorded and made into excellent videos by Adam. Actually, his family coverage sometimes easily brings us as good a show as TLC’s OutDaughtered filming. So, later he covered their trip to the salon.

Over on YouTube, we see Adam asking the different girls what they want to be done with their hair. Well, Riley wants curly har. Adam asks if she’s looking for a “perm.” Ava and Olivia just feel like a short trim. But, Parker tells her dad that she wants her hair short. Adam said that she likes a similar cut to that of big sister Blayke.

Fans comment on the haircut scenes and they seem thrilled

The whole family involved themselves in distracting Parker from a potentially anxious time. We see Danielle comforting her. Then, the other quints touch her good-naturedly and tease her a bit. You can see it’s done with love. And, she got through it fine. In the end, she gave a beautiful smile. That made some fans of Outdaughtered very emotional. Here’s what some of them said about it on YouTube:

  • I tear up when I saw Parker laughing after her haircut
  • So good to see Parker showing joy and confidence after her cut and style
  • Parker was so proud to show Blayke her haircut. That moment was so sweet to watch!
  • I actually cried when I saw Parker’s smile after her haircut
  • Parker made me cry. She is just adorable as can be. She’s beautiful as well as all of the girls.

Do you think that Parker looked pretty and happy after her cut? Would you like to see her eventually become more confident as she continues growing? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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