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‘Counting On’: Fans Speculate About Which Duggar Boy’s Dating Lauren Caldwell

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Counting On fans heard a rumor going around that Kedra Duggar’s sister’s dating one of the Duggar boys. But, it’s not actually that clear about who it could be, or even if the rumor’s true. Interest peaked after we saw the episode of TLC showing Kendra and Joseph welcoming their baby. Now, fans discuss which brother could be the one in a relationship with Lauren Caldwell.

Counting On – Rumors about Lauren Caldwell dating a Duggar

TV Shows Ace reported earlier this month that with the birth of Addison, fans saw some interaction between Lauren and Jason. While the show never dwelled on anything, fans thought they saw some chemistry there. But, rumors also talked about James Duggar being Lauren’s love interest. And, both boys are old enough to start looking for a life-companion now.

Naturally, as the Duggar family and Kendra’s family knew each other for years, the Counting On boys met Lauren years ago. Sometimes, childhood friendship grows into love. And, some people like marrying a friend as they feel comfortable with them. Actually, Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart come to mind. As Cheatsheet speculates, fans thought Kendra was first interested in Jedidiah Duggar.”They ask, “is it not that surprising that Kendra’s sister, Lauren, has found herself wrapped up in similar [Counting On] rumors ?”

Lauren touches James Duggar on the shoulder

After the episode that covered Kenrda’s baby, fans noticed a cameo where Lauren put her hand on James’ shoulder. So which one, if either, is the love interest of Lauren? Is it Jason with whom she seemed to share some chemistry in the birth episode? Or, is it James from the cameo, where she touched his shoulder while baking?

She had loads of opportunity to mix and meet the Duggar boys. We saw her at Kendra and Joseph’s wedding. Plus, we caught sight of her when Josiah Duggar married. Sometimes, she hung with her sister during their courtship days. That came when the couple still required chaperones. If rumors are right, maybe we’ll soon see her feature in more Counting On episodes being chaperoned herself.

Who is Lauren dating?

The Hollywood Gossip also asked about which Duggar boy Lauren might be dating. They noted that the shoulder touching scene’s rather revealing. After all, with their very strict rules in the Counting On family, even “hand-on-hand contact is a very big deal.” They suggest maybe next year brings news about an official courting.

What do you think about all these rumors about Lauren Caldwell dating a Duggar sibling? Do you think they’re true? If so, which one is it? Jason, or James?  Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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