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Duggar: Jinger’s Daughter, Felicity Vuolo, Wants To Bake Like Her Mom

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On Sunday, Jinger Duggar Vuolo shared a new post about her daughter. In the first picture, Felicity has an oven mitt on her hand. In the second one, Felicity is still wearing the oven mitt and pretends to remove something from the oven.

Jinger mentions, “Felicity got inspired by my recent baking at home and wants to join in on the fun! 👩‍🍳”

Jinger had posted a baking tutorial and pictures of her yeast rolls. The Duggar daughter thinks that Felicity was inspired by all the baking her mom was doing. The oven mitts that Felicity is wearing match the apron that Jinger was wearing in her pictures.

In response to Jinger’s recent pictures of Felicity, fans are leaving lots of sweet comments. One fan said, “What an adorable little baker 👩‍🍳”. Lots of fans added that Felicity looks so cute in these pictures. They think that she’s probably going to be a great baker when she gets older, just like her mom. And, when she gets a little bit older, she can start to help out.

One fan gave Jinger a caption idea and wrote, “Felicity: Seriously mom why do stores only sell ONE oven mitt when we have TWO hands? 🤣”

Duggar family shares recipes

Several members of the Duggar family have been sharing their recipes recently. Since the grown kids came from a family with 19 kids, they all had to pitch in and help with the cooking. They still seem to do a lot of the cooking in their own households.

Jill Dillard tends to post a lot of different recipes on her Instagram page and her family’s blog. Most recently, she shared her chicken ‘n dumplings recipe. Duggar fans aren’t always impressed with the dishes that Jill creates. They sometimes say that they’re unhealthy.

Jana also shared a couple of posts about her family’s rolls. She even made a tutorial video for fans to follow. Jana talks about baking and says, “While I don’t always like doing things ‘by the book,’ I have found that some recipes are helpful to follow as they are written. 😆 When I was a teenager, my first attempt at making these rolls took me 9 tries before I got it right! That’s right, 9! I’ll blame the first few batches on bad yeast, but the next several failures were just me trying my own ‘creative’ ways! And the rest were simply due to my impatience. 🙈


What do you think of the new pictures of Felicity? Do you think she will be a baker someday? Leave a comment below!

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