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Hannah Godwin From ‘BIP’ Let’s Fans Know How She Feels About Dylan Barbour

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Bachelor in Paradise fans are serious a lot their favorites. Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour are the only couple still engaged from their season.

Anytime the two post anything on social media their fans are quick to over analyze all the words. They pay attention to their body language in pictures and anything they share on social media.

Hannah Godwin Was Quick To Come Back At Naysayers

With that kind of scrutiny it can be easy to see why BIP alum Hannah Godwin felt the need to defend her love for Barbour. Godwin shared a video of the two of them together. They are hugging and then share a quick kiss before she pulls away. In the caption she said, “thanks for making everything fun @dylanbarbour  a leeettle snippet from a vlog I’m making right now!!”

Since she said she was making a vlog, this little snippet was probably only a small part of it, but fans were quick to come with their comments anyway. Most of them focused on how quickly she pulled away from him. You can judge for yourself in the video below.

Immediately fans were wondering why she pulled away from the kiss so quickly according to The Cheat Sheet. One bold user said, “you can tell you pull away from him when he gives you extra PDA. Hope you’re not losing your feelings.” Hannah was quick to let them know all was well. She said, “nah we’re good I’m just awk I think.” Hannah Godwin isn’t backing down from defending her relationship. When another fan said, “awkward kiss where’s the chemistry gone,” Hannah wrote back, maybe just awkward ppl!”

There Were Fans Who Defended Their Favorite Couple Fiercely

Some of Hannah Godwin’s fans weren’t having this scrutiny people were giving on a very quick video. Some said they did the same thing with their husbands and didn’t love them any less. One fan said, “I feel like it wasn’t immediate it was normal lmao.” Another said “I actually thought this was so cute!!! Not even awkward just a small special moment.”

The couple has made it through being on the show and staying in the public eye afterwards. People should give them a break as they navigate their life together and enjoy being engaged. Like most Bachelor Nation couples, time will tell if they can make it. In the mean time their fans will be pulling for them and continue to follow their relationship on Instagram.

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