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Here’s How Derick Dillard Feels About Jill Duggar’s New, Short Hair

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Dramatic changes to a person’s appearance are bound to throw everyone off. So, it did cause a bit of noise when Jill Duggar Dillard took to all of her social media platforms and her family blog this morning to reveal she’d chopped off a significant amount of her hair.

As we’ve previously reported, there were a lot of great reasons surrounding why she decided to cut her hair.

  • Her long hair was giving her headaches
  • It was getting tangled in everything
  • Her boys wouldn’t leave it alone
  • She couldn’t sit down without sitting on it.

We also know Jill ended up cutting about 14-inches off of her head. So, that really just leaves one more question. How did her husband Derick Dillard and her boys Israel and Samuel feel about her new, short hair?

How did Samuel and Israel feel about mommy’s new hair?

Being just two and four-years-old, the boys didn’t seem to have much of a reaction in the video clip Jill Duggar shared on YouTube. Her social media followers did get to listen to Israel discuss where mommy’s hair used to be and where it was now. So, he could definitely tell it was shorter. He just didn’t seem to be too bothered by it. In fact, he was much more interested in the pen he was playing with while she was recording.

How did Derick Dillard feel about his wife’s new hair?

Derick Dillard’s reaction to his wife’s new hair was a bit of a let down to those expecting a shock and awe moment. Derick was pretty casual in stating that he liked her new hair cut. In fact, it sounded as though she was putting more emphasis and attention on how short her hair now was then her husband did.

Perhaps she told him she was cutting her hair off beforehand?

Jill did take her husband into the bedroom to show him the ponytail she had cut off and was planning to donate once she figured out who she wanted to donate it to exactly. Overall, Derick was pretty calm and collected about his wife’s new hair style.

How does Jill Duggar Dillard feel about her new hair?

Jill appears to be all smiles in snapshots of herself showing off her new shorter hair. Duggar fans could tell she was a little nervous about showing off her new hair for her husband. She temporarily locked herself in her room so she cold go to the bathroom and do a mirror check before unveiling her hair to Derick. She also explained that she wanted to add just a dash of hair spray first too.


While she was noticeably nervous about what others would think of her new hair, she gushed about how light and freeing her new short hair felt.

How do you feel about Jill Duggar’s new hair? Sound off in the comments down below.

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