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‘Sister Wives’: Only One Of Kody’s Wives Looks Like She’s Holding It Together In The New Season

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Sister Wives returns on January 5 and the long-awaited new episodes promise plenty of drama between Kody and the four wives. The new preview’s out and the season promises plenty of fireworks. We see Robyn and Kody get into a shouting match, an unusual occurrence. But, it looks like one wife holds it all together way better than the others. So, who is she?

Sister Wives – Robyn loses it more than once

TV Shows Ace reported that we hear Kody Brown throwing a tantrum as Robyn feels caught between his and Meri’s problems. It almost looks like in her own way, Robyn defends Meri. It all ends up with Kody saying some pretty unkind things to her. So, Robyn seems disenchanted with his plural lifestyle, saying sometimes she feels “disenfranchised.”

In another scene, we see Robyn breaking down in tears over the move to Flagstaff. She felt the whole thing was unnecessary. They were, after all, a complete and loving family back there. In another scene, she creeps into the room where Kody’s holding his conference about everyone living in one huge house. Things don’t look good for the usually bright Sister Wives star.  

Meri and Christine beside themselves

Meri and Kody go to therapy for their fractured relationship. She’s unhappy as Kody seems reluctant to engage in any meaningful effort. Meanwhile, he says she can’t get over her “victim” mindset. But, that doesn’t freak Meri too much. After all, these two Sister Wives stars battled it out for years now. However, Meri looks close to losing it when a Flagstaff resident complains they don’t want a polygamous person living next door. She looks utterly shocked and for once, this looks real. Often, we see Meri on the edge of theatrically damp eyes. But this time, it looks and sounds real.

Christine’s worked up about Kody wanting that big house where they all live in separate apartments. Cheatsheet notes that there’s no way, she’s up for that. She’s angry and upset. But, on the issue with the houses, she even more worried. Fans can recall that Kody said last season they needed to sell those Las Vegas homes in a hurry. He worried about their financial issues if they didn’t sell. This year we saw the homes sold very slowly. Christine’s so worried about the money problems, she looks ready to break down. So, that leaves us one more wife.

Is Janelle Brown holding up better than the rest?

Janelle’s concerned about the sale of the homes. But, she’s the one wife able to try and do something about it. She’s not wailing, crying, or wringing her hands. Resolutely, every weekend the Sister Wives star sets off to Vegas and try and move the homes. A lot of the time in the preview, the other wives look a bit shabby. But, Janelle’s looking good. She dresses well most of the time and looks like she’s lost some weight. Plus, she’s the one who helps bring order to the family conference about the big house.

Janelle’s also the one who practically and resolutely, deals with the fact that their daughter’s baby is on its way. Certainly, of all the wives, it appears that Janelle keeps it all together far better than the other wives. What do you think? Do you think of all the wives, Janelle seems the most composed this season? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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