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‘Counting On’: Jinger Vuolo Fans Have Loads Of Fun Captioning A Felicity Photo

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Counting On fans love Jinger Vuolo on her social media. She often engages them in interactive conversations and ideas. And, she just shared a photo of Felicity. Jinger asked fans to help caption the picture and they enjoyed themselves playing the fun activity. Some of them tickled the funny bone. Actually, nearly one thousand comments showed the popularity of these posts.

Counting On – Felicity Vuolo photo with her mom

On Thursday night, Jinger shared a photo on her Instagram of her standing with Felicity. Jinger wore her hair up in an elegant bun, and she dressed in navy blue with a pin-striped jacket. Actually, she looked very stylish. Meanwhile, in ber arms, little Felicity looked utterly charming with her headband and bow. Her cute silver shoes went well with her little purple frock. Felicity also held a flower stem in her hand. Jinger captioned it with, “Caption this photo! Let’s hear your best line. 😊”

Well, loads of Counting On fans were up for the game, and plenty of captions rolled in. Some of them were quite funny. meanwhile, others seemed a bit of a dig at the large Duggar family. But overall, it seems fans just enjoyed the activity. One fan suggested, “You mean I have how many cousins? Can they all spend the night TONIGHT?? 😬” Another one captioned, “Sooooo.. tell me more about Santa “🎅.” Now, that’s a dig at the Duggars who don’t believe in letting the kids get presents from Santa.

More fun captions from fans on Felicity pic

Of course, there’s not enough room here to mention all the captions by Counting On fans. But we selected some of the best for you to enjoy:

  • “If she would just put me down, I’m sure I could get the hang of this walking thing! 😘”
  • “Move along, she’s taken mister!”
  • “Felicity: “Mommy, I just farted” Jinger: “Just keep smiling, love.'”
  • Mom “You said 1 more picture 10 pictures ago.'”
  • “I wonder how long it’ll take me to get my fancy dress all muddy?”
  • “My mama wishes they had these shoes in her size.”
  • “If my Mom stops watching me, I’m going to try and put this flower stem in my mouth. 😉😄❤️”

Meanwhile, one fan asked if Jinger’s pregnant. Rumors do run around that the Counting On star might be expecting again.

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Caption this photo! Let's hear your best line. 😊

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Signs that Jinger Vuolo may be pregnant again

TV Shows Ace reported that although very “subtle,” there may be a hint that justifies the pregnancy rumors. We reported, “Her Thanksgiving photo raised some suspicions about whether she had a slight baby bump.” Plus, interestingly, most photos since then show her hiding her stomach.

However, Cheatsheet notes that not all Counting On fans “buy” into her being pregnant. They reported that on Reddit, one commenter said, “The girl [was] eating some sort of raw fish a couple [of] weeks ago.” The outlet notes that “typically, raw fish should be avoided during pregnancy, though there are some exceptions.”

What did you think of the fans’ fun captions on the Felicity photo? Do you like it that Jinger Vuolo encourages interaction with her followers? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace often for more news about the cast of TLC’s Counting On.

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