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‘Welcome To Plathville’: Do The Plaths Actually Live On Their Farm?

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Welcome To Plathville brings us Kim and Barry, conservative and strictly religious parents of nine kids.

In the TLC show, we see the family who apparently live on their farm in Georgia. There, the kids are completely isolated from technology and things like sodas and a normal upbringing. Well, that’s the storyline that TLC pushes.

But, it seems the Plaths may not actually live there. That would make a mockery of the fans who follow the series.

Welcome To Plathville’s the isolation of farm life

The series that premiered on November 5 revolves around how these very isolated kids know little to nothing of the outside world. TV Shows Ace reported that they opted for the lifestyle “to allow the kids to be children.” Kim, the matriarch doesn’t allow much to happen there apart from apparently working in the house and around the farm.

Kim said that they only have “limited technology” and limited “access to computers.” Their kids don’t have any idea who people like Justin Bieber and Tom Brady are. Or, so we’re told. The whole storyline revolves around how Ethan’s wife, Oliva, brings ideas of emancipation to the kids.

Naturally, Kim’s unhappy with Olivia and these dangerous outside ideas. Their isolated life on the farm seems a cocoon of peace, threatened by emancipated Olivia. In their take on Olivia’s relationship with the Plath parents,

Without A Crystal Ball on YouTube notes cracks in the story. According to them, Ethan already started widening the gap before he married Olivia. It seems he never really wanted the isolation there. Plus, his sister Moriah chafes at the life there. So, it seems the perfect life of the Welcome To Plathville family’s not so perfect. And, they may not even live there at all.

Plath family farm advertised as a BnB rental

Soap Dirt reported that they came across the farm listed on BnB. Now, there are other properties listed there. Kim’s described as a ‘Superhost’ on the site. Possibly, she got that rating as they also rent another property out. That’s listed as, “Cabin on the Pond” near Cairo, Georgia. That one garnered 20 reviews since June this year. But, it’s the farm that’s of more interest. The listing by the Welcome To Palthville family shows it advertised as “Farmhouse at The Retreat at Silver Rein.” That’s the same property in Wigham, Georgia where we see the show filmed.

The outlet also reported, “In 2017, Barry and spouse Kim Plath purchased a home for $55,000 in Cairo, Georgia. It’s right off of a highway and around the corner from a Walmart, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut. Also, it’s pretty close to Ethan Plath and his wife Olivia’s house.”

Is that where they live now? It’s interesting to note that. It can’t be comfortable for Olivia if her parents-in-law, who don’t like her live just around the corner. Of course, it’s possible they live there now and remained on the farm when filming the show.

Farm listing on BnB has no reviews

The fact that the Plath family doesn’t seem to live on the farm brings questions about the authenticity of the show. But, perhaps we can give them the benefit of the doubt for a tiny bit. The wiggle-room comes from the fact that the BnB listing has no reviews. In the description, the Welcome To Palthville matriarch noted, “We are remodeling and will have pics of the inside of the house soon. Nestled on a private and quiet fifty acre farm. Large field is perfect for frisbee, soccer etc. Volleyball net, swings, hiking trails. You have the house all to yourself. There is a caretaker on the property if you need anything.”

No reviews and the fact they remodel could mean they vacated the farm after filming the show for TLC. Nevertheless, it’s bound to make people wonder if the show’s storyline is just a lie. What do you think? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back with TV Show’s Ace often for more news about TLC’s Welcome To Plathville.

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