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‘Welcome To Plathville’: Moriah Seemingly Snubs Her Parents In Thanksgiving Post

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Welcome to Plathville star Moriah yearns for emancipation. Her sister-in-law, Olivia Plath already broke free from a seriously restrictive upbringing. Ethan’s wife seemingly encourages Moriah to break free as well. And, despite denials she’s emancipated, she snubbed her parents, Kim and Barry Plath in her Thanksgiving post.

Welcome To Plathville – the Thanksgiving snub by Moriah

At Thanksgiving, Moriah took to her Instagram and shared a photo of her and Olivia. She wrote, “I’m thankful for a million things this thanksgiving but I am so thankful for this gem.💎” Then she explained she talked about Olivia. Moriah added, “thank you [for] being there for me in the times when I’ve needed you most. I am blessed to know you for the real and beautiful you and you certainly know me for the wild and crazy girl i am.🖤 I love you sis! Happy thanksgiving.”

Well, Olivia’s husband and Moriah’s eldest brother Ethan responded, writing, “Favorite girls ♥️.” Meanwhile, Olivia said to Moriah, “I LOVE YOU MORIAH JASPER ♥️.” And, that’s where Moriah ended her note about the people she loves at Thanksgiving. Notably, she never mentioned her parents, Kim and Barry Plath. But, it’s no secret that Kim and Barry don’t like her inclination to break away from their conservative and restrictive lifestyle.

Olivia retracts on Moriah’s emancipation

TV Shows Ace reported on an Instagram post that Moriah shared. It indicated she left the Georgia farm and went to live an independent lifestyle. Despite the post where she thanked people for helping her on her journey, Olivia later recanted on that. We suggested maybe Morah spoiled her Welcome To Plathville storyline and broke her TLC NDA. So, officially at least, she returned to the farm and no longer drinks soda, eats sugar, or gets access to technology.

It seems that Moriah loves her family, but feels they disapprove of her. Meaww reported, “When Kim Plath asked Moriah if she was pulling away from the family, Moriah confessed that she did not think her parents appreciated her as much as they did the other Plath children. At the same time, she stated that she felt her parents loved her but did not understand her.” Perhaps she finds comfort being around Olivia.

Olivia and Ethan forbidden from unsupervised visits

In one episode of Welcome To Plathville, we saw that Kim and Barry got super-angry with Ethan and Olivia.  They went off to celebrate their wedding anniversary. While away, the kids got in some icecream. Obviously, a major transgression, Kim let Ethan and Olivia have it. Now, they can’t even visit the other Plath kids without Ethan’s parents being present. Actually, the main storyline for the show revolves around Olivia and her evil influence on the kids like Moriah.

What did you think about Moriah’s Thanksgiving message where she seemingly snubbed her parents? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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