Unexpected Hailey 2 hints Matthew back with her

‘Unexpected’: Hailey 2’s Thanksgiving Post Hints She And Matthew Got Back Together

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Unexpected rumors about Matthew and Hailey 2 arose after their pregnancy announcement. They indicated a split. But, looking at what they two young people said at Thanksgiving, they may have hinted that they’re back together again. If they are, then that’s great news as they expect a son next year.

Unexpected – the split between Matthew and Hailey 2

TV Shows Ace reported on November 20, that Hailey 2 seemingly confirmed the two split up. We noted, “On her IG Stories, Hailey shared, “@Matthew_001, Even though we aren’t together right now, thank you for being here for me and our son.” While many haters seemed happy on social media, the fact that they expect a baby is not so good. With an absent dad, and one child already seemingly not wanted, with Hailey 1, it seemed a big pity.

If you don’t know, Hailey 1 was Matthew’s first girl on Unexpected. But he made off with her best friend also named Hailey. Already a baby daddy to Hailey 1, this is the second pregnancy in Matthew’s life. In fact, the original suggestion of a split came from Matthew. Starcasm reported on it and they noted, “Neither Matthew nor Hailey 2 have revealed any details about what may have caused a split. There have been rumors of Matthew cheating again, but those have not been confirmed.”

Hints that Matthew and Hailey 2 might be together at Thanksgiving

On her Instagram at Thanksgiving, Hailey 2 shared a photo of the two of them. The Unexpected girl wrote, “Very thankful for my amazing boyfriend/father of my child 💙 You’ve definitely kept my on my toes but I wouldn’t want anyone else doing it! You gave me our beautiful son and you love me with all of your heart and that’s what I am thankful for…I’ll never be able to repay you enough sweetie. Please continue loving me and supporting me through everything. You’re my best friend. I love you now and forever .”

The Unexpected dad responded, writing, “Beyond thankful for you babygirl, you have blessed me with our little boy and gave me alllll your love and support, beyond thankful for everything you do! I love you, baby ❤️.” Well, that certainly sounds like the young couple still has a lot of time for each other. Maybe their split was just a teenage-style squabble. Unfortunately, it looks like Hailey 2 either lost a lot of followers, or she later locked the post. Notably, there’s only one other comment that says, “😍my favs! 🤩.”


Death threats – maybe Hailey 2 removes all negative posts

Even though it’s the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s unusual to see so few comments on Hailey’s Instagram. But, we also reported that at one stage she got death threats after the pregnancy announcement. So, it’s very possible they eliminate all trolls and their hateful messages.

What did you think about the Thanksgiving message that Hailey 2 shared about her and Matthew? D you think she hinted they may have gotten back together after their split? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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