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Casey Starchak Of ‘Temptation Island’ Comes After Host Mark L Walberg

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The current season of Temptation Island is still airing and Casey Starchak has a bone to pick. The star isn’t happy with the host Mark L. Walberg and has lashed out at him on social media. He called the show he’s currently staring on a huge joke.

Casey said, “when the host of the show pretends to be there for everyone but actually just cares about the interests of the show.” He hashtagged the post drama sells and accused them of not caring about their contestants.

Why Was Casey Starchak So Angry With Mark Walberg?

It seems some liked tweets were the reason for Casey Starchak’s anger. He posted screenshots of the host liking some memes that called him out according to US Weekly. The meme showed the moment Casey said he’d be fine if his girlfriend broke up with him and then later breaking down in tears when she kissed someone else.

Other former contestants came to Mark Walberg’s defense. One of last season’s stars, Evan Smith tweeted for Starchak to leave the host out of it. He said, “that’s my guy. Take the L and get off your phone. Don’t get it twisted, this has nothing to do with money.” Smith went on to say Casey had something important to say then he would have come to the reunion.

The Host Responded To The Unintended Insult

Evan hashtagged his post pick your battles which got a response from Casey. He said, “why are my battles any say of yours? Oh wait they’re not, get out of here.” He responded that Casey can’t call him out when he was a cheater. Evan came on the show with a girlfriend he’d been with for ten years. He decided to be with someone else he met on the show and later got engaged to her. So when Casey came back at him he said, “what a stand up guy! Leave it to a cheater to say such kind things!”

Walberg was quick to apologize for liking the meme. He said he truly apologized for liking something that was insensitive. The host said, “I meant no disrespect to Casey and completely understand why he’d be angry.” Walberg said he clicked on all show related tweets and sometimes he doesn’t pay attention to what they are. He said he liked Casey a lot and respected his feelings. Temptation Island is still currently airing and fans are looking forward to seeing why Casey doesn’t show up to the reunion.

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