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Adam Busby Of ‘OutDaughtered’ Said He and Danielle Busby Are Nothing Like Jon and Kate Gosselin

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Adam and Danielle certainly have a busy life raising six kids. With five of them being toddlers and a camera constantly following them on Outdaughtered, it’s crazy. One thing Adam Busby wants to make clear is they aren’t anything like Kate and Jon Gosselin. Recently after a gag order was lifted, Jon released a lot of information about Kate painting her as a lying and manipulative person.

Jon told Dr. Oz, “I believe her intentions in the beginning were good intentions, bringing kids into the world. That she fought to have these kids but once fame and money got involved it twisted her belief system.” He’s wanted his kids off television for years, but Kate won’t have it according to The Cheat Sheet. He said in an interview Kate isolated their daughter and put one of their sons in a home without visiting him from two years.

Why Did Adam Busby Feel The Need To Clarify This?

While Jon says Kate is obsessed with the small screen, Adam Busby says he and his wife are not. Kate not only was on their reality show, but went on The Apprentice, Dancing with the Stars, and her own show Kate Plus Date. Over time fans have compared the Outdaughtered stars to the Gosselins. They’ve warned them via social media to be careful or they’ll be just like Jon and Kate.

In scenes where the two fight which are few and far between, fans said they were worried. They worried Danielle was becoming overbearing like Kate. One fan tweeted, “Danielle is demanding and doesn’t care about her husband being the sole provider. They’re starting to be the new Jon and Kate.” Fans seem to worry they are growing apart. Adam Busby had addressed these things recently saying the way they cut the show makes him look dumb sometimes. He says it’s not like the way they portray it.

Fans Love To Make Assumptions And Comparisons

On a photo of Adam Busby and his daughter Riley a fan compared them once again. They said, “sure hope ya’ll can watch the Jon Gosselin interview with Dr. Oz. We love your show, but it does make you ask BIG questions.” Adam was quick to reply saying they weren’t anywhere close to Jon and Kate.

They’re aware they’ve been compared to the couple. The both are confident they can stay on the show while making sure their daughters have a loving and safe environment.

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