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’90 Day Fiance’: Jesse Meester Says He Moved On From Darcey But He Doesn’t Act Like It

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90 Day Fiance fans are getting a bit irked by Jesse Meester. His season with Darcey Silva ended a long time ago. And, he assures people he moved on. But many fans think that’s not the case. TV Shows Ace reported that Darcey moved on from Jesse and took up with Tom in the last season. Mind you, Jesse alleged she still contacted him. And, as he keeps talking about Darcey he certainly acts as if he never moved on. Over on Instagram, quite a few of them spoke out about it.

90 Day Fiance alum Jesse Meester bleats about him and Tom being Darcey’s victims

On Instagram, guru and blogger @johnyates327tv shared a post by Jesse Meester. Jesse said in the post that he shared about him and Tom because he wants to help others who go through a similar situation. A.k.a – being victims of predatory women one assumes. As usual, Jesse swears he moved on from Darcey. But, how many times did 90 Day Fiance fans hear that claim? If he really moved on then why this constant reminder to everyone about his existence, they wonder.

Really, the very long post seems to run on forever. But basically, it says that Jesse and Tom are buddies now and they both got used by Darcey. The two men, who both got some sort of fame because of Darcey, apparently commiserate over her evil ways. Essentially, Jesse claims he and Tom are victims. That’s interesting, seeing Darcey’s kids suffered through Jesse’s tantrum about the way a piece of meat got served. We never heard him apologize to those kids who were victims of his bad temper. Anyway, the rest of the diatribe from Jesse can be read below if you can force your way through to the end.


Irked fans don’t believe Jesse ever moved on from Darcey, and slam Tom

90 Day Fiance fans who read the whole thing spoke out on Instagram. Many of them were scathing and angry with Jesse. Here’s what some of them said:

  • “I have heard the words: “I moved on” from Jesse for about a year since he broke up with her. and after they broke up I have read at least 12 posts from Jesse talking about Darcey + the tell all. If this is his way to move on, I can’t imagine if he doesn’t🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️.”
  • “That’s funny I remember witnessing him undermine and emotionally abuse her on the show. He is a clown.”
  • “Why can’t you just leave things the F alone. You preach you are a gentleman but a gentleman would never do this. I don’t see Darcey trashing you on SM yet you don’t leave her the hell alone! Maybe you are still hang up on her? Man! For the love of god, move along !!! And FYI nobody cares about what you have to say! PS. You forget we all watched you on national television, you were just as volatile as she was. As a matter of fact, you were/are passive-aggressive, and you like to stir up sh*t for attention. Be a man and shut your face !”
  • “If he moved on why keep posting? Why call Tom. Trying to stay relevant is only [making] him look small.”

The comments above are just from a fraction of 90 Day Fiance fans who grow annoyed with Jesse and his bleating about Darcey. What do you think about Jesse Meester saying he moved on from Darcey but then acting like he hasn’t? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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