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’90 Day Fiance’: Ashley Martson Says Jay Smith Signed The Divorce Papers

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90 Day Fiance fans heard that Ashley Martson and Jay split. She filed for divorce a second time. But then they hooked up again recently. Then they split, we reported on October 10. And, now she says he finally signed the divorce papers. Ashley’s detractors hope that now we can stop hearing about this never-ending divorce.

90 Day Fiance alum Ashley Martson announces on IG Stories divorce signed by Jay

Just five days ago, on a post shared by blogger @johnyates327tv, Ashley commented on a photo he shared. The photo came from Jay Smith and showed his pay money. The Hollywood Gossip noted that Ashley said, “I’d give him two of those to sign the d*mn divorce papers…It’s time to just sign and move on!” Well, it looks like he finally gave in and signed them. Ashley shared the news on her Instagram Stories. Once again, John Yates got ahold of it and shared it with his followers.

In her Instagram Story, Ashley said on a card, “Today’s a good day! She added, “I’m officially a single woman!!!” Wow, all those exclamation marks! Anyway, she went on saying, “Figured I would update everyone since it’s the most frequent asked question. He finally signed.” Well, in Ashley’s book it may be the most frequent question, but as one 90 Day Fiance critic asked, “Most frequently asked question where? Lol 🤷🏼‍♀️.”

Reactions from fans vary over the divorce papers being signed

Naturally, 90 Day Fiance fans reacted to Ashley. After all, this divorce thing’s been going on since forever. Hopefully, her critics think, this might be the end of the irritating on-again-off-again relationship. On that, one person who seemed to like Ashley noted, “Please never ever speak his name again or talk with him again, move on and live your best possible life until someone comes along who is worthy of your ❤️.” Well, critics obviously hope she won’t “speak his name again.” They seem heartily sick of it all.

One critic noted, “I must be old. I remember a time when marriage was announced, NOT divorce. 🤦 What a joke.” Another spoke out saying, “Congrats trashly back to the dumpster you go…maybe focus on your children for a while…” But the most hard-hitting comment related to a recent story about Ashley’s alleged behavior at a Bachelor party. They wrote, “She’s been single for awhile upside down in Mexican resorts showers. And who could forget Taco Tuesday?”


Jay Smith seems fine without Ashley

Meanwhile, on Jay’s Instagram page, he never mentioned signing any divorce papers. In the last couple of weeks, he’s posted about having a high old time down in Las Vegas. Actually, hanging with friends, swimming, making appearances, he seems really happy. Maybe he finally got his green card and can now afford to sign the divorce. But, he did share a few short clips on his Stories dated the same day Ashley announced that he signed the divorce papers.

The showed him dancing with a good-looking woman, and smacking her on the behind. So, no tears that side by the looks of it.

90 Day Fiance Ashley Martson says Jay Smith signed divorce

What do you think about Ashley Martson saying Jay Smith finally signed the divorce papers? Do you hope that’s the end of the Ashley and Jay saga? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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