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Former ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay Just Dished On The Shady Way Contestants Gossip

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Every season there is always tons of drama on The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Obviously the contestants want to vent about things that are going down while filming. The problem they are faced with is how to gossip without the camera crew catching it all on film. Now, former Bachelorette and Bachelor contestant, Rachel Lindsay Abasolo, is spilling the beans on creative ways she and the girls were able to gossip.

How did Rachel vent to her girlfriends?

Cosmopolitan shared all the details Rachel talked about on her podcast, Bachelor Happy Hour. Rachel said she and the other girls she was close to would get up early to chat. Rachel said, “We’d wake up before anyone else. Me, Whitney, and Astrid would wake up super early in the morning before they mic you. We’d get a cup of coffee, we’d go to the gazebo, and we would just talk. Say all the things we couldn’t say on camera. They eventually caught on to that and they pulled us away.”

Aside from early morning chats before they were busted, Rachel says she would sneak around the mansion to get all the good gossip. Rachel revealed there is also a really strict hall monitor that apparently takes their job pretty seriously. This monitor would send all the women to their respective rooms prior to the group date participants returning.

Mrs. Abasolo took matters into her own hands at times

Since the women were all sent to their rooms before knowing any details of the group date, Rachel confessed she would sometimes take matters into her own hands. She said, “I would bear crawl across the balcony, pull back the curtains and be like, ‘Astrid! What happened on the date?’”

Other secrets have been revealed in the past about The Bachelor, as well. Way back in January, Entertainment Weekly shared other secrets from the set of the hit reality show. They shared there are tons of fake roses at the mansion. Aside from that, snacks are always on hand for the contestants. Women usually want candy and cookies while the men want healthier options such as whey protein powder.

Staff also uses real candles throughout filming. The only location where the candles are fake is in the interview rooms. It was reported they actually are required to have a special-effects expert on hand to monitor all the open flames. There is also a few beauty experts on hand to help keep the girls fresh and made up to survive the long rose ceremony nights.

The new season of The Bachelor just wrapped up filming and will premiere in January on ABC.

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