'Bachelor in Paradise' Couple Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes via Instagram

‘BIP’ Alum Caelynn Miller-Keyes Talks Possible Marriage With Dean Unglert

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Things have been going great for Bachelor in Paradise couple Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert. At first, fans were skeptical about their relationship, but now they are cheering them on.  The two are different in ways such as Caelynn is a beauty pageant queen while Unglert travels around and lives out of his van. Still, the two have been making it work and falling more in love everyday.

Caelynn talks about marrying Dean

US Weekly caught up with Caelynn on Monday, November 18 at the 2nd annual American Influencer Awards in Los Angeles. Caelynn was asked by reporters if she sees herself marrying Dean. She replied, “I always joke with him about us getting married. Maybe that’s in our future, but it would be way down our future.”

While the two joke around and talk about getting married, Caelynn says it is way too soon. She is being realistic by saying they have only been together about six months.

What Dean means to Caelynn

Caelynn also revealed to US Weekly that Dean has impacted her life in positive ways. “He influences me every day. Even today, we are leaving straight from here on a surprise trip that he is planning. I was, like, super stressed, packing and everything, and he’s like, ‘Hey, calm down. It’s OK.’ He makes me more relaxed.”

She also says he has really brought out her adventurous outdoorsy side. Caelynn thinks fans were probably shocked to see this side of her. She also said, “He’s the most supportive boyfriend. He’s the kindest boyfriend. So for him to be here [at tonight’s event] is great.”

A recent social media post also sparked possible talks of marriage

Recently, Caelynn shared a photo of Dean on Instagram in which he was wearing her hair tie around his ring finger. She captioned the photo, “He wore my hair tie on his ring finger in Mexico.”

The post had fans wondering if they could be planning on getting married sooner than anyone could have guessed. Dean has always seemed to have a little trouble with commitment. With Caelynn that seems to all be changing.

In the past Dean has said the following about Caelynn. He said, “She’s very intelligent and compassionate. I am able to be myself around her and she’s able to be herself and that’s how we create synergy and build around each other. For the first time in my Bachelor franchise relationship history, I feel like I’m able to say what I want, do what I want and allow my partner to build with me while I’mdoing that.”

Stay tuned for more information on Caelynn and Dean as it becomes available.



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