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Eddie Judge From ‘RHOC’ Says ‘Reality TV Is Not Reality’

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Fans weren’t very happy with Eddie Judge after he made some unsupportive comments about his wives’ son Ryan. Tamra Judge sat down for a therapy session with her son to talk about his childhood. After expressing she worried he might take his life, Eddie spoke in a confessional. He said, “when you’re struggling with childhood issues as a man, you’re not a man.”

Eddie responded to fans backlash from his comments. He is encouraging viewers not to believe everything they see according to People. He said it was time for them to move on because just because it’s on TV doesn’t mean it’s real.

Eddie Judge Says Reality Shows Are Designed To Get Maximum Reaction

Eddie Judge said to fans, “I’m happy most of you understand this and those that do not, you need to learn how it works. Reality TV is not Reality. These shows are designed to get maximum reaction.”

He went on to ask is anyone ever reached out to a villain on a TV show to, “tell them they’re a piece of s— No, because someone wrote that script. Someone writes the script on reality TV. Just not exactly the same way.” Hasn’t Eddie figured out fans don’t want to hear any of that? They watch reality television for an escape.

The RHOC Star Clarified His View On Mental Illness

Eddie clarified his outlook and his views in a statement on Instagram. He said he stood behind what he said and that he never said people with mental illness need to man up. He said he understands mental illness, but “he also understands when someone uses mental as a scapegoat.”

Eddie said Ryan is neither of these things, he’s just struggling with life. At the end of his post, Eddie said production will edit different scenes to get the best reaction from the audience.

Tamra also spoke out about what Eddie said when it came to her son. She said his comment got taken out of context. She stood by her husband when fans came after him as well. Eddie said, “the TV show will figure out how to get max reaction. They’ll edit a touching moment to get you to watch for more. If they do not, then we have no show. Get it? The end!“ The episode was emotional, however, Ryan is doing well now having recently taken to Instagram to thank those fans that reached out to him. He’s in a good place.

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