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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Hot Couple Hannah Godwin & Dylan Barbour Reveal Next Huge Relationship Move

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Things are still going incredibly well for Bachelor in Paradise couple Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour. Now they are revealing they are taking another huge step in their relationship. The two got engaged on the Season 6 finale of Paradise. While their relationship is great, they are not quite talking wedding plans just yet. So what is their big news?

Hannah and Dylan share their big news with fans

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Dylan and Hannah at REVOLVE’s 3rd Annual #REVOLVEawards 2019 at Goya Studios in Los Angeles on Friday. Hannah and Dylan revealed what they feel is a huge step in their relationship.

Hannah and Dylan’s families will be meeting each other face to face. Not only will the families all be meeting, they will be spending Thanksgiving together. Hannah said, “My family’s coming out and visiting his family, so we’re combining all of it. Our moms met through FaceTime and they’re like, texting besties, but [they haven’t met] face-to-face yet.”

Dylan chimed into the conversation saying, “They’re going to love each other.”

Dylan and Hannah talk about their future

The couple revealed they have not yet started planning their wedding. They did reveal they are in the stages of planning an engagement party. Hannah said, “We’re engagement party planning.” She went on to say, “I think we talk about wedding stuff, but we’re just like, really enjoying the moment right now and like, doing us and chilling.”

Dylan and Hannah haven’t made the move to live together yet either. They are living separately for now. Hannah in Los Angeles and Dylan in San Diego. Their situation is working for them though.

Dyan said, “One, Hannah is the sweetest woman I’ve ever met in my life. She like, is so adorable, but two, something I think is funny is I have to tell her… whenever we actually have to leave, I give her a time of 30 minutes before and then we still are sometimes five minutes late. But it’s fun, we have a lot of fun.”

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Their thoughts on a perfect wedding

Wedding planning has not been started yet, however, they do have a few ideas about their special day. While it is unclear if Hannah agrees, Dylan has said he wants an In-N-Out truck at their wedding. Hannah did throw in that they want beautiful weather. The weather should be comfortable and not too hot. To top it off Dylan says their must be a dance floor.

Stay tuned for details about Hannah and Dylan’s relationship as it develops. Fans can’t wait to see this couple tie the knot.


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