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Stassi Schroeder Reveals Perfect Bachelorette Party While Jax Taylor Plans Beau’s Bachelor Party

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Stassi Schroeder has opened up about planning a destination wedding to Beau Clark. The Vanderpump Rules star has talked décor and the stress of not inviting everyone. Now, she’s revealing she doesn’t want phallic shaped straws at her bachelorette party. Stassi said, “I’m not the bachelorette party type,” according to US Weekly.

She said she’s excited to enjoy a fun time with her friends. She’ll blame them if they do anything different, because Stassi says they know her style. The thirty-one-year-old got engaged to Beau in July and has been talking about her plans on her podcast Straight Up With Stassi. Stassi’s wedding to Beau will be filmed for the show. Fans will get to see the whole thing on Vanderpump Rules, much like her co-stars’ weddings in the past.

Stassi Schroeder Wants To Go To Bed Early

When describing her perfect bachelorette party she said, “a good two-day weekend of boozy brunches and shopping. And I’m in bed by 10.” Hopefully her bridesmaids will get the memo or read the US Weekly article. Stassi hasn’t said who her bridesmaids are yet. When Lala Kent revealed her bridesmaids, Stassi was one of them. Lala will most likely be in the wedding along with Schroeder’s Vanderpump bestie, Katie Maloney.

That may be Stassi Schroeder’s idea of a perfect bachelorette party but when it comes to her fiancé Beau’s bachelor party, there could be a completely different night in store. It could be wild, because Jax Taylor, Stassi’s co-star and ex-boyfriend, said he’s planning the bachelor party. It seems there is no weirdness since their season one relationship fizzled out.

Jax Taylor Revealed He’s Planning Beau’s Last Night Of Freedom

When US Weekly asked Stassi about it, she said, “this is news to me, and I’ve just been told by four other people Jax is planning it. Does Beau even know that?” She yelled at Clark asking if he knew Jax was planning his party. Her fiancé just shrugged.

Jax told them at the People’s Choice awards he was in on the planning. He said, “I’m definitely helping with Beau’s bachelor party.” Taylor said having just finished his, he’s ready to put one on for Beau. It will be interesting if Jax’s planning and the bachelor party are shot for the show as well. Fans will have to wait and see.

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