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’90 Day Fiance’: Paul Staehle And Karine’s Manaus Home Stripped By Thieves

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90 Day Fiance star Paul Staehle might not be the most popular person on the TLC show. But, many fans felt terrible for him on Thursday night. He shared on his Instagram that the apartment he shares with Karine in Manaus got thoroughly stripped by thieves. It’s not clear whether they returned to Brazil, or if someone else sent them the photos of the empty apartment.

90 Day Fiance fans heard Karine and Paul were in the USA

Paul and Karine often got slammed by fans for their untidy apartment. In fact, when they were in the USA, it got so bad, that someone made a report that they suspected abuse on their baby. TV Shows Ace reported, “Rumors went around that alums Paul and Karine were living in filthy conditions and consequently, their baby was living in abusive conditions. In fact, news came out that the cops got called on them by concerned fans. But, it looks like those allegations just fell flat.” It all came to nothing, but obviously, Paul stressed about it.

Back then, the police found nothing untoward. We noted, “So, rumor and hype from concerned fans got out of hand. People felt they could take control over these 90 Day Fiance stars.” Many fans of the couple felt that everyone took a television show way too far when they made reports to the police. Others agreed that getting that invested in a reality TV couple showed who really had the problem.

Apartment in Brazil burgled by thieves

Well, if Karine’s home in Brazil was untidy, it never deterred thieves. Taking to his Instagram, Paul wrote, “I discovered today that our home was severely burglarized in Manaus…They entered my balcony door and took everything of value…even Karine’s stuffed animal collection My stuff Pierre’s stuff Karine’s stuff…I am devastated…” Naturally, some haters trolled on him despite their loss. But, many decent people extended their condolences.

One 90 Day Fiance fan said, “This is terrible news! Hopefully those things can be replaced and luckily no one was home or hurt.” Others also celebrated the news that nobody actually got hurt. One said, “So sorry Paul. You and family ok. #1 main thing. Material things can be replaced. I know it is sad, but evil bad things happen like this sadly. You have the most precious with you, your family and they are ok remember that. ♥️♥️🙏♥️♥️💏👶♥️♥️.” While Newsweek reported in mid-October that they are in the USA, it’s possible they went back there, where things aren’t so safe.

Fans ask if they left the USA for Brazil again

Quite a lot of 90 Day Fiance fans asked Paul if they left the USA. Others wondered why they felt they need to maintain two homes. But, Paul never answered. Meanwhile, over on Karine’s page, she mentioned nothing. Plus, even if she did, most of her posts get the comments turned off as they get a lot of hate. It seems though, that this sort of crime’s quite common in Brazil. One person noted, “I’m so sorry about that… That’s why I decided to leave brasil…I was searching for peace. At least at home.”

What do you think about Paul Staehle sharing on his Instagram that the apartment he shares with Karine in Manaus got thoroughly stripped by thieves?  Sound off your thoughts in the comments below

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