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‘Welcome To Plathville’: Does The Plath Family Have Social Media Accounts?

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Welcome to Plathville premieres on TLC on November 5.  Most fans of the network enjoy following the families of these shows, but there’s very little out there for fans on social media. However, some of them feature on social media, but one notable account is private.

Welcome to Plathville runs for six episodes

TV Shows Ace reported that the new show features the Plath family. We noted, “we see a large family of nine kids, some grown-up and married. We also meet parents Kim and Barry Plath. They decided that the kids should grow up not knowing what a coke tastes like. They don’t know about technology and even people like NFL’s top quarterback, Tom Brady’s a mystery.” We also established a link between the Plaths and the Duggar family.

In our article on the links with the Duggar family, we noted that Nurie, one of the Rodrigues family is courting Josh Duggar’s brother-in-law, Nathan Keller. The Rodrigues family hang out at various Duggar weddings. Nurie also happens to be the best friend of the eldest Plath daughter, Hosanna. She married Timothy Nobel and the couple tour as musicians. At their wedding, Nurie acted as bridesmaid. The couple also participates in the Plath family band. So, a touch of Duggar emerges in the new Welcome to Plathville show, with some extreme religious beliefs.


Ethan and Olivia bring conflict to the Plaths – she’s on social media

A major storyline in the show involves the eldest son Ethan. He married Olivia Marie. We see them in the preview and Ethan’s parents don’t like that his wife Olivia comes from a more liberated family. That might explain why she’s one of the few members of the cast with an Instagram account. Ethan’s mom Kim, in particular, feels she’s interfering in the way she raises her kids. So, expect some drama about that.

Olivia shares quite a lot of stuff on her Instagram. Plenty of wedding photos dominate her account. One of them features further down in this article. Ethan, the eldest son in Welcome to Plathville also maintains an Instagram account, but it’s private. I attempted a follow but the request never went acknowledged. So, it looks like Olivia’s the go-to on Instagram for any news about the Plaths. Searching for any other Plath family on Instagram turned out a fail. And, Romper reported they can’t find anything either. But, we found the Plath Family YouTube channel.

Other family accounts on social media

Unable to find any other Plaths on Instagram, we looked around on Facebook. There, we found two accounts maintained by Welcome to Plathville mom, Kim. The one account features the family band. That one, titled, The Plath Family explains, “A family that delights in each other’s company. A family in unity, in harmony. That’s the story of our band. That is the foundation without which our band and our family would crumble. It helps that I was a music major at FSU, and have taught the children instruments. But at the heart of our band is a love for God, a love for each other, and yes, a love for music.”

The other Facebook page, titled Kim Plath reveals more personal stuff, but the timeline’s not updated all that often. Notably, neither account managed the blue authentication mark. Back in March, a post revealed that Amber (10), one of the daughters, managed a “normal blood work.” Apparently,  the good news showed this happened for the first time since November. So, one of the Welcome to Plathville kids suffers from some sort of health issue.

No other social media accounts emerged from our hunt. However, maybe you know of some? If you do, please share them in the comments below.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace often for more news about TLC’s Welcome to Plathville.

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