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‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Shares Family Outing To The Ice Cream Shop – Why Do We Eat It In The Cold?

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Sister Wives fans occasionally see photos of Kody Brown out with the family. Mind you, not so much on Meri’s page. At Halloween, Janelle shared a photo of the family at an ice cream shop. She didn’t go for it at all as it’s too cold, but they enjoyed it. Why do people want ice cream in the cold?

Sister Wives – Janelle can’t eat ice cream in the cold but the rest of them do

On her Instagram, Janelle shared about the visit to the ice cream shop. She captioned the picture with, “One of the coldest days so far this fall and this crew wants ice cream! I abstained, I just couldn’t do it lol. P.S. Garrison @robertthebrown says that this is his “pose.” Naturally, fans got to talking about ice cream and how it’s often nicer in the cold as it never melts. Others wondered why they want it, as it really can give the throat that “cold burn.” Like Janelle, others can’t handle the thought of the sweet confection in fall.

Other fans of the TLC show just got happy to see a photo of Kody. The wives do post them, but not all that many. Obviously he’s busy juggling the show, his business, and the other wives and kids. Only occasionally out of season does he post his own pictures. TV Shows Ace noted he shared one in recent weeks. It was a photo of him looking quite nice with a full beard. We reported, “Looking windswept and sort of like he’s auditioning for a new Braveheart movie, he said, “Happy?” Well, it seems that many fans really are very happy with the new look from the Sister Wives father. But in Janelle’s ice cream pic, it seems he trimmed it down.

Why do people want ice cream in the cold?

Actually, like Janelle’s Sister Wives family, many fans enjoy eating ice cream in the cold. And, it seems that some really valid reasons exist. notes three good reasons. These include, “1. Ice cream is great for soothing a sore throat (anyone who’s had their tonsils out will know this!) 2. Your caramel ice cream on a sugar wafer cone won’t melt by the time you walk away from the ice cream truck. 3. Ice cream goes great with those warm puddings and fudgy brownies.” But, more serious reasons were raised by another outlet.

Over on PCC, they mention that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects quite a lot of people in the cold weather. According to them, the mild form of depression “makes people crave sweet things.” When they eat the sugary confection, it “raises the blood sugar levels.” This, in turn, boosts “blood insulin levels.” The outlet notes that those who eat ice cream in the cold, like the Sister Wives family, experience the actions of “the amino acid tryptophan.” Moving into our brains, it gets “converted to serotonin — a hormone that makes us feel happy.”

Is ice cream good for us in winter?

Well, feeling good certainly is good for mild depression. But, the news outlet notes too much sugar’s not good for us. However, an occasional treat in the cold won’t hurt most people. What do you think about Janelle’s family wanting ice cream on such a cold day in Flagstaff? Do you enjoy ice cream in the cold? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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