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First Promo Of ‘The Bachelor’ Shows Peter Weber Isn’t Afraid To Pop The Question

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Fans have been waiting and now the first promo for The Bachelor has been released. Fans have gotten tidbits of Peter Weber’s season through photos and hints but now that it’s getting closer, the insights are getting deeper.

The first promo releasing in October was appropriately Halloween-themed. The ABC show will premiere with the twenty-eight-year-old’s season in January. Weber has already had a fairly eventful season from the news that’s come from the set. He suffered a freak accident that resulted in multiple stitches. The promo was probably shot before that happened as his face looked perfect as he waved at the camera.

What Question Is Peter Weber Not Afraid to Ask?

It’s been revealed by others in Bachelor nation that Peter Weber is good with slight of hand magic. The question he wasn’t afraid to ask according to US Weekly is, “trick or treat.” The Bachelor shows up looking suave in a black suit with bat animations flying around. He doesn’t actually do a trick though.

He shows the candy in his right hand and then clasps both hands together. When he opens his right hand, it’s still there and he pops the sweet in his mouth. The caption on the video says, “No tricks here. Just a treat! Happy Halloween from #TheBachelor.” While he is good at magic, it seems he didn’t want to trick his audience just yet.

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Fans Really Want To Know Every Detail

Fans are really into Peter Weber’s sex life ever since he was a fan favorite on The Bachelorette. Hannah Brown made a point to share during the reunion that they had sex four times in the windmill. She had previously said it was only twice. He shared before The Bachelor started with host Chris Harrison that he, “has all the faith in the word in the process. He said he’s been looking his, “entire life for his girl.  The person he can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with.”

Peter said he’s just ready to immerse himself in the journey. He hopes he can come out with a fiancée at the end. Weber also said he doesn’t think he’s lost all the love in his heart for Hannah, because he said it was real. He is ready to move on and find his girl. There are sure to be more promos to go without context for fans to look forward to.

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