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In ‘Bachelor Nation’ Romance News Kristina Schulman Broke Her Silence About Rumors She’s Dating Tyler Cameron

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In Bachelor nation, you can’t have a casual dinner with a friend without the whole world speculating. Kristina Schulman ran into that when she dined with former Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron.

According to a site the rumor started when the two were posted on social media by @Its_TheSnatchelor having a meal together. It was during the time Cameron had also been linked with Gigi Hadid. Kristina Schulman had just wrapped a drama filled season of Bachelor in Paradise.

What Did Kristina Schulman Say About The Rumors?

In an interview with US Weekly Kristina Schulman said, “that was not a thing! I’ve had people reach out to me and ask me about what’s going on there but whenever you take a certain picture and you focus on one little thing — whether it’s two people or 10 people sitting at a table — it can get blown out of proportion.”

She said she thinks it is silly you cant go out with another person in Bachelor nation without people thinking something is going on. When you come from shows where the whole world is waiting to see who you’re going to end up with, it’s kind of expected.

Tyler Cameron Continues To Show He’s A Decent Guy

Tyler Cameron is a good guy if Kristina Schulman could one day be interested. He sent a message of support to his ex, Hannah Brown who has been having a hard time on DWTS. According to US Weekly after Hannah cried about, “devastating” feedback she received on the show, he commented. The Bachelorette clearly had a lasting effect on the former beauty queen. She said, “I came into this experience a little broken and confused — more than I’ve shared. Every day has brought its challenges with my past, my fears, and the uncomfortableness of opening myself up again to be judged on something VERY scary.”

On the Instagram post Hannah wrote about crying over the show, Tyler showed his support. He said, “fall down 7 times, get up 8. You got this HB. Be where your feet are and enjoy the ride. You’re doing amazing.”

Kristina Schulman and Tyler Cameron would make a cute couple and be Instagram gold. It’s just not in the cards for the two reality stars right now. Tyler has recently stated he wants to be with a normal girl. The paparazzi loves following around the runners-up after shows like the Bachelorette. After dating Gigi Hadid, normal would probably be anyone else he goes for.

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