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Reality Steve Shares HUGE Spoilers On What Went Down During Victoria Fuller’s Hometown Date


Reality Steve continues to dish out all the good details about Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. Yesterday was huge and something Steve says he has not seen before in this franchise. Steve shared yesterday that Victoria Fuller has been keeping a few dark secrets about her past from Peter. The information is now out and Peter is aware of what Victoria has done. So who spilled the beans?

A woman from Peter’s past revealed Victoria’s secret

Reality Steve took to his blog today to share incredible information about how Peter found out about Victoria’s past. In case anyone missed the breaking news yesterday, TV Shows Ace shared Steve’s details that Victoria has a bad reputation in Virginia Beach. Apparently she has had multiple relationships with married men AND knew their wives.

Steve has been in touch with a woman over the past month who briefly dated Peter in 2012. Her name is Merissa Pence. At the time she dated Peter, she was living and working in Los Angeles. She contacted Steve because she knew of things Victoria has done and wanted Peter to know.

Merissa was actually contacted by Bachelor production Sunday telling her they were interested in her story. They then called her back and said never mind. Merissa took it upon herself to just be at the public date with friends and watch. She really didn’t even expect to get to talk to Peter. However, as luck would have it, Peter walked by her as the date was wrapping up and she called out his name. She proceeded to tell him about Victoria.

Peter’s reaction to the news

There is no doubt Peter was not only shocked to see Merissa, but also to learn that Victoria is allegedly a manipulator, homewrecker and liar. Of course once production knew what was going on they rushed over to start filming. He told Merissa it was a huge buzzkill, but thanked her for telling him what she knew. They hugged and he left in a car with producers. Some onlookers reported to Steve that as he walked off they saw tears in his eyes.

Nobody yet knows what happened during the evening part of Victoria’s date. Steve seems to think that Peter probably confronted her about the allegations. While Peter is no doubt bothered by this news, Steve thinks he will keep her around a little longer. Peter and Victoria have incredible physical chemistry together and Steve thinks Peter wants to get her into the fantasy suite.

But wait, there’s more!

Production obviously knows about Victoria’s past and they were working to have a plan in motion for some drama to develop. As it turns out, Lauren Luyendyk (Burnham) is friends with a woman, Morgan Speight, who is close friends to one of the women whose marriage was ruined by Victoria. Morgan and Lauren’s mother Pamela were asked to be at the date. Was production trying to have them tell Peter about Victoria’s past?

What do you think about Peter finding out about Victoria’s past? Stay tuned for the latest updates as they come out.

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