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Get to Know ‘The Bachelor’ 2020 Contestant Madison Prewett


The Bachelor 2020 is down to four contestants. Currently Peter Weber is traveling to each of these ladies hometowns to meet their families. Saturday was Peter’s first hometown date and it was in Auburn, Alabama. The date was with Madison Prewett. Since she is one of the top four ladies remaining, fans needs to know some details about her life.

Who is Madison Prewett?

Madison is another Alabama native. Of course fans know Peter’s last Alabama native girlfriend was Bachelorette Hannah Brown. In fact, Peter had fallen for Hannah and the two will forever be remembered for apparently being intimate in a windmill four times. But, back to Madison, she is 23 and from Birmingham, Alabama.

Miss Prewett has a pretty well known father, Chad Prewett. He is an assistant basketball coach at Auburn University. Speaking of Auburn University, Madison just graduated from there in 2018. She graduated with a degree in communication.

The Bachelor is not Madison’s first time on television

Madison has actually been on television before. Cosmopolitan shared that Madison was a contestant on the Price is Right and actually won $8,000. It was noted that she told the Price is Right host that she planned on using the winnings post graduation.

She’s also been in the spotlight before. Madison, like many other contestants on Peter’s season, has been in a beauty pageant. She reportedly competed in the Miss Alabama Teen USA pageant in 2014.

Miss Prewett is a very spiritual person

It appears as though Madison is very religious. She even went to seminary school. In a video shared by Cosmopolitan, Madison discusses her experience. Madison said,

“My whole life I’ve been completely shut off to the idea of ministry. I loved the church, but I wanted to come to church and escape the weights and busyness of the world. I wanted to come to church and find rest and peace and comfort. And about three months ago, the Lord just spoke to me, and I had this revelation and realized in that moment what my God-given purpose was, and that’s ministry. In any way shape or form, I know that that is what the Lord has called me to do. I love my church, I serve at my church, I’m dedicated to my church, and I couldn’t think of any other seminary school that I’d rather go to. And I’m just hungry to learn more about God and about the church. That’s why I think Highlands College is the perfect fit for me.”

Aside from attending seminary school, Madison also went on a ministry trip to Uganda.

Other known facts about Madison

By scouring her father’s Twitter account, fans can see that she is one of three children. Madison is also a photographer. Reality Steve has also shared a few things about Madison, including how he thinks she resembles Raven Gates. He also shared her Instagram account, which is currently deactivated, but stay tuned because once the season wraps up filming it will most likely be turned back on. Her Instagram account is madiprew.

Madison seems pretty great based on what is known so far. What do you think of this Alabama native? Do you think she will win Peter’s heart? Stay tuned for more info as it develops. The Bachelor 2020 will premiere in January on ABC.

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