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Tamra Judge Of ‘RHOC’ Claims She Has Proof Emily Simpson Was Digging Up Dirt On Gina Kirschenheiter

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Tamra Judge is a notorious pot stirrer. Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson haven’t gotten along really well this season on RHOC. Gina doesn’t feel like Emily has supported her enough according to Reality Tea. Kirschenheiter dealt with getting a DUI, a domestic violence issue, and divorce. On the other hand, Emily was mad Gina didn’t come see her dance in Vegas.

When they planned a date for Gina to go out with Emily’s husband’s cousin, things went south fast. The date fell through do to a toe injury. Gina lost it and was offended deciding Emily set her up to embarrass her. Tamra Judge being the lover of drama she is jumped all over an opportunity to stoke the fire.

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What Did Tamra Judge Accuse Emily Simpson Of?

A Twitter user asked Tamra about the Emily Simpson and Gina drama. They said, “why in the world would Gina just assume Emily was out to hurt or embarrass her? I cannot see Emily doing that on purpose.” Tamra Judge said, she was, because I have proof. She claimed to have messages of Emily trying to dig up dirt on Gina. She stated if Emily is saying she’s not manipulative, it’s BS. It doesn’t seem like there would be that far to dig on Gina because her life is pretty much out in the open.

According to Reality Blurb, Emily Simpson said it was Gina who was breaking up friendships. She said Gina took issue with her trying to get closer to Tamra, Shannon, and Vicki. Emily said, ““I felt like she kept getting mad at me to get closer to them and that’s what bothered me.” She said they both have tons of other girlfriends so it was just when she was trying to get close to the other housewives.

Tamra Is Quick To Say Someone Is Playing The Victim

A Twitter user came to Emily’s defense saying, “You came into an old friendship and messed with it. You’re horrible. This is why you have no real friends.” They were accusing Tamra of breaking up their friendship just to cause drama. Which any fan knows, Tamra love to do. Recently her co-stars said she was using Braunwyn for attention when they made out.

Tamra Judge responded that they can keep thinking that, but just because Emily plays the victim doesn’t mean she’s innocent. Tamra said, “I’ve done nothing to her.” Tamra said she had proof, however, she didn’t share it with her followers. One has to wonder if she’s holding it for the perfect time, like at the reunion.

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