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‘OutDaughtered’: Danielle, Adam Busby Justify Their Date Nights

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OutDaughtered parents Adam and Danielle Busby get a lot of criticism for enjoying their date nights. In the past, Adam repeatedly said they believe the marriage comes first. This means that the kids see a strong couple, and it sets them an example. Now, they wrote another blog about it, where they justified it again.

OutDaughtered parents, Adam Busby and Danielle get slammed for date nights

Fans of the TLC show know that Adam and Danielle live with five very active quints and their daughter Blayke. For most parents, the idea of so many kids all at once is simply exhausting. For the Busby’s trying to encourage each child to be the personality they are, seems laudable. Plus, they often take time out to get the girls out on mom and dad dates. Again, a very good idea, fans think. It teaches others to share their parents’ time and allows for one-on-one interaction. Fans love it that the OutDaughtered couple does that.

But, when it comes to Adam and Danielle going on a date night, much criticism goes their way. So, addressing it once again, the Busby’s took to their blog, It’s A Buzzworld to justify it. Plus, they offered some advice to other parents on how to plan and manage the date night out. On Instagram, some fans of the couple hate it that they should justify anything. But, many followers make horrid comments every time they share that the enjoy each other’s company.

‘Taking care of marriage first’ – a top priority in Busby life

In their post, Danielle reiterated what they said many times in the past. “We whole-heartedly feel like by taking care of our marriage first, we are doing what is best for our kids. One of the essential things that children need is a loving and secure home and to us, that need can be met only by making sure the relationship between Adam and I is strong.” They fear that if they leave their marriage out as a priority, that later, when the kids all head off to work or college, too much distance might creep in.

As far as the Busby’s go, they believe wholeheartedly that marriage should never get “put on the back burner.” As the OutDaughtered mom explains it, kids need loads of attention. “It’s not enough to raise a nice kid.” She notes, that the girls need to “be ahead of the developmental curve and involved in every activity under the sun, too.” That puts a lot of pressure on modern parents. And, if they don’t enjoy a good relationship, the kids could suffer for it.

Society wants parents to be totally ‘child-centered’

The OutDaughtered mom feels that society puts too much stress on marriages being totally “child-centered.” But, she disagrees that parents should turn themselves into just a parent, or “maid, or chauffeur, or cook!” They feel it’s ridiculous to “put your spouse on hold for the next 18 years, then just pick up where you left off.” That’s why they prioritize their marriage. The best advice that Danielle and Adam can give is for parents to really get their time-management right. The biggest challenge involves time-management. She says that “healthy couples don’t find time, they make time together.”

Adam and Danielle Busby go so far as to “write it into their busy schedule first.” They offer some ideas, making it something of a challenge to other parents to try it out for themselves. The advice the Busby’s give involves sitting down together and referring to the calendar. “Then, see when you can set aside time for just the two of you.” When you do that, then time becomes more easily available.

Practical application of date night

Danielle agrees that just impetuously rushing off rarely works. It takes some planning. She advises that parents arrange babysitters well ahead of time. They also suggest that date night becomes a regular outing. But, the actual activities on date night don’t always need as much panning. “Sometimes, we don’t even know what we are doing for date night until we get in the car. Because the most important thing is that we are actually getting out of the house alone together,” the OutDaughtered mom says.

Plus, the reasoning is that it does the kids good to see their parents make time to be together. The Busby’s feel that it’s an example the kids take through in their own lives.  it will model for them how to be with their future spouse. They strongly believe that parents should love their kids and “meet their needs,” But, more important, they believe the parents should “love and care for each other” as well.

What do you think about Danielle, and Adam Busby justifying their date nights? D you think they should bother? Do you have date nights? How do you manage your time? Sound off your thought in the comments below.

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