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Kaitlyn Bristowe From ‘The Bachelorette’ Responds To Comments She’s ‘Pressuring’ Jason Tartick To Propose

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Kaitlyn Bristowe recently did a Q and A where she answered fans’ questions. When one asked her when Jason was going to propose, she had a lengthy response. According to The Cheat Sheet, she said she’s always getting criticized.

She spoke out recently saying she was banned from DWTS by the creator of The Bachelorette, Mike Fleiss. Now she says people ask her all the time because on the show people usually get engaged quickly.

Someone told Kaitlyn Bristowe to stop pressuring Jason

Kaitlyn Bristowe was told to stop pressuring Jason to get engaged. She said that it’s not her. The internet is constantly asking questions about it. She said it was the same with DWTS. She doesn’t talk about it and then a bunch of people ask. Then she answers.

She does talk about getting engaged a lot, but it’s not to pressure him. Kaitlyn Bristowe said she feels like it could happen any day now. The former Bachelorette said, “Every time I’m like, ‘Oh my, God. Is today the day?’ I’m probably going to ruin the day because I’m going to be like, ‘Oh, here it comes! I know this is it!’”

Jason doesn’t seem to feel pressure

Jason Tartick talks about their future wedding too. He said, “I get goosebumps thinking about it. I would imagine a wedding of a lot of fun, partying, singing, dancing, eating, and an open bar.”  He said it was typical Kaitlyn and Jason fashion. He said it’s important the most important people to both of them are there. That doesn’t sound like a man who feels pressured to get hitched, it sounds like a man who really wants to.
Kaitlyn Bristowe does have a couple rules of engagement though.  Her ring can’t be from Neil Lane because it reminds her of her ex. She also doesn’t want a double halo ring. Tartick is well aware of both of these requests.
There’s no doubt the two are in love, so they’re proving sometimes taking your time after reality TV is the way to go. Colton Underwood recently expressed that he didn’t think it would last with Cassie Randolph. He said it’s crazy when you can make it work outside of the show without the pressure of the public. Fans probably won’t quit asking Kaitlyn Bristowe when it’s happening.Whether she likes it or not they are a favorite and will continue to be in the public eyes.

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