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‘Bachelorette’ Star Luke Parker Sounds Off on Controversial Hannah Brown Argument

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Luke Parker had a significant argument with Hannah Brown on The Bachelorette. Millions of people saw it and were shocked. The two sat down to dinner and from what the show says, Luke brought up the subject of being intimate. He said, “it’s an incredible thing only when it’s within the guidelines of marriage. He stated he heard people of faith say they couldn’t wait to go to the fantasy suites to explore the relationship in an intimate way. Luke told Hannah he wanted to make sure she wasn’t going to be in sexual relationships with the other men. This completely seemed to take the Bachelorette off guard.

According to Luke, things didn’t quite go down the way they were portrayed. He had gone on to say in the show everyone saw if she was going to be with another guy he wanted to go home. Hannah became upset and told him bluntly, “sex is a very big deal to me.” She went on to tell him she couldn’t agree with some of the things he said and she was angry with him. Brown said he had no right to say something like that to her because he wasn’t her husband.

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Luke Parker Was Still Surprised When Hannah Brown Sent Him Packing

When talking to Reality Steve according to E Online, he said when she sent him home, he was surprised. He stated Hannah had told him she shared the same convictions as him and wanted to abstain from sleeping with someone before marriage. He said it’s why I look so confused when she tells me about the windmill. She told him during the argument she had slept with one of the dates and Jesus still loved her. When she told him to leave, she said it was because of how he felt about that. Luke claimed he was still trying to make things right with her even after she told him about that.

He said, he was, “fighting for her.” He maintains if he was slut-shaming her he wouldn’t have been trying at all. Luke also said he didn’t have a problem with her being with the other guys. It was because she had told him she didn’t want to do it. He said in Greece she said she didn’t want to sleep with someone before marriage and all of a sudden she’s saying something different. He still wanted to make it work despite everything and was caught off-guard when she sent him home. Fans will have to wait to see if Hannah Brown has a response to his claims.

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