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‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Defend Danielle Busby After She Shares A Pic Of Hazel

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OutDaughtered fans saw a cute picture of Hazel that Danielle Busby shared. But. one or two fans got grumpy as they feel she favors Hazel over the other quints and Blayke. Well, many fans got upset with that accusation and they stepped in to defend her. Actually, Danielle shares lots of pics of all the girls, and so does Adam. It just so happens that they both independently shared a pic of the cute little girl with glasses.

OutDaughtered Mom Danielle Busby shares a photo of hazel with a sticker on her nose

The photo that Danielle shared showed Hazel standing in a passageway with a sticker on her nose. She captioned it with, “Hazel Grace thinks stickers go on her nose….only because that’s what Dr. Megan does.”

It looks like Hazel went for another eye check-up as she also used the hashtag “#eyecheckup.” Other parents noted that when they go for eye-checkups with their little kids, they also think the sticker’s for their nose.

One follower could identify with the Outdaughtered quint, saying, “When I was little, I put stickers on my eye because I wore an eye patch and I thought that’s where stickers go.”

Meanwhile, another fan noted that a sticker on the nose is way better than “a sticker on the wall.”  Mostly, nice comments came in about Hazel’s cute outfit and how much fans love the Busby family. But some found something to get grumpy about.

Other fans defend Danielle Busby

One fan stared complaining about how Danielle seems to favor Hazel. They wrote, “how about a riley pic, or an ava or olivia one since they haven’t gotten one in so long.” Defending the OutDaughtered mom, one fan said, “you should look at other posts because she has posted them.”

Another chipped in with, “are you good? She literally posted Riley…a week ago.” Another got angry about people being “demanding,” noting. “Danielle can snap pix whoever she want to!”

Another fan who disagreed with the criticism stepped in to say “please don’t say that. they have 6 kids she hasn’t posted hazel in a while. it just happens to be that adam posted one of hazel too she does a ton of pictures of each girl.”

Actually, he did, but it also showed some of the other quints. Hazel was pulling them on a little trailer. Adam noted that he’d miss the kids as he’s “on his way to LA for a couple weeks for some business and the @vidsummit.”

One fan said, “How about stop being so critical about every move this family makes.” Do you agree some people seem to complain about everything Danielle Busby does? Do you think fans are too critical about the photo of Hazel? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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