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‘Ghost Adventures’ Lead Zak Bagans Wants To Buy ‘Killer Clown’ John Wayne Gacy’s Brain


Ghost Adventures lead investigator Zak Bagans has his eyes set on yet another crazy, creepy object. Bagans collects items that possibly have demonic/evil attachments. He collects these things and puts them on display in his wildly popular Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. What is Zak looking to buy now?

Zak Bagans’ terrifying collection keeps growing

TMZ is reporting that Bagans is seriously wanting to purchase John Wayne Gacy’s brain. Gacy, known as the  the “Killer Clown,” has murdered many people. Apparently, Zak got to hold Gacy’s brain during recent trip to Chicago. He visited the serial killer’s home where Gacy’s forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Helen Morrison, keeps the organ. The brain’s preserved in a container in her basement.

Bagans says he could feel the evil energy given off from holding the brain. He said it was spooky and he was shaking. Zak also said he will never forget how he felt holding it.

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John Wayne Gacy convicted of murder and executed

In 1994, John Wayne Gacy was executed by lethal injection because he was convicted of murdering 33 young men and boys during the 1970’s. He buried most of the bodies in a crawl space under his Chicago-area home.

Zak offered to buy the brain immediately. Dr. Morrison turned him down. She said she can feel his spirit attached to the brain. She said it follows her. Dr. Morrison has had ownership of the brain since right after it was sliced up during his autopsy. The fact that she can feel the spirit is more reason Zak wants to own it for his museum.

Gacy’s brain is not the first serial killer momentum Zak has been interested in buying. He also owns multiple items from Charles Manson. He recently purchased one of the houses where the Manson murders took place.

Will Zak want to buy Gacy’s house?

TMZ also reported that the house lot where these 33 murders were committed is up for sale. Will Zak try to add the home to his collection? The bodies surfaced in 1978 after a search of the grounds. Consequently, one year later the house was bulldozed down. Seven years later a new home was constructed in its place.

The house lists as a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house in the Chicago suburbs. It’s 2,500 square feet and the lot itself is just under 9,000 square feet. It’s selling for $459K.

Zak’s said nothing about if he would be interested in purchasing the home. Surely, there is tons of paranormal activity with that much evil having occurred there. Because in Illinois the seller does not have to disclose murders took place on the land, the realtor must be specifically asked is anyone died on the property.

A new season of Ghost Adventures is currently airing on the Travel Channel.


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