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Dean Unglert Of ‘BIP’ Had A Snarky Answer For A Fan Who Asked How He Made His Money

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Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes are a couple of people really pay attention too. Fans want to know what they are up to despite BIP being over. They are fun to follow because they live in his van and travel together. People are curious about how they can afford to travel without a steady source of income. One fan got an answer to that question according to The Cheat Sheet but it might not have been the one he was expecting.

When the show started Caelynn Miller-Keyes got into some drama with a fellow paradise dweller. The second she met Dean Unglert, she was over what’s his name. The two had lots of ups and downs but in the end, Caelynn left the beach with Dean and hasn’t looked back.

Dean Unglert And Caelynn Live In A Van

When Dean Unglert hit the beach, he told the host of BIP he didn’t have a steady job and lived in a van. He wasn’t shy sharing that he loved the wilderness and living off the grid. Caelynn was a pageant queen who loved nice things so fans were skeptical she could rough it. She recently said, “Dean makes her want to better herself and search for more. Miller Keyes said, “In most relationships, I’ve dealt with a sort of complacency …. People are just complacent in their lives but Dean is always searching for more.” She said she loves to live in the van and while making some adjustments to her fashion choices, she couldn’t be happier.

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It would seem like most stars of reality television, the two can make their money from Instagram ads. Both of them have thousands of followers and have both posted products on their social media. When the fan asked him if he had a job after Dean Unglert posted lots of rock climbing photos, he responded sarcastically. The fan said, “all you do is travel and play. Who pays your way?” He said, “I won the lottery.” Fans can agree he won the relationship lottery with Caelynn happy to live in his van.

Others defended him with one fan saying, “why should anyone question how or why?” Another said to live his best life. When others asked him to really answer, he simply ignored them. Dean Unglert doesn’t have to answer to anyone and it’s clear they have some way to make money with all the traveling they’re doing. Fans will continue to follow their journey together.

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