Andy Cohen and baby Ben

Andy Cohen Shares Cute Song About Baby Ben

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Andy Cohen’s baby boy Benjamin Allen Cohen got introduced to the world back in February.

TV Shows Ace reported that fans freaked out “about the fact that Andy is a father now. He could not be more excited. He shared with fans not long after his little boy was born.”

Well, since then, he shared plenty more pics of Ben. And, the cute little guy’s fast becoming a fan-favorite. Now, Andy shared a cute song about Ben that got fans slobbering for more, and also inspires others.

Andy Cohen’s cute song about Ben should be a hit, fans think

On his Instagram Tuesday night, Andy shared a short video clip of him and Ben. Ben’s lying on his lap with his feet toward Andy. So, Andy said, “Face Full of Feet” – new single coming soon…”

Then, he started singing and it’s cute and catchy. You can watch it a bit further down in the article. Of course, Ben’s kicking at his dad’s face. Except for when Andy looks at him and carries on singing. Then, the little cutie starts clapping.

One fan suggested, “This needs to go to #1 on the charts this instant @billboard do ya thang!!!” Other fans noted that their kids and grand kids often do the same feet-in-you-face thing. They love it. For those whose kids grew up and went away and never brought home grand kids, the video seemed very special for the memories it evoked.

Fans react to fan-favorite baby Ben and the song Andy sang

Many of Andy Cohen’s fans reacted to the short song and video clip. Certainly, he inspired some of them. One follower noted, “This is so beautiful I used to think I will never be a father or get married because I am very traditional gay man but seeing this dude bond with his son it’s just conflicting. I want this experience too.”

So, Andy sharing this sort of thing inspires those who would love the same experience. Other followers gave him some advice.

One fan said, “If you have the means to raise and support a baby, and help in caring for them if you work full time, then go for it. Its a lot of work and expensive to be a single parent. To find a surrogate is very complex and takes a long time, it is also very costly. Adoption is not much easier. But is very possible.”

Others told him to “go for it,” noting “anything’s possible.”

Other comments to melt your heart

Of course, Andy’s very popular on Instagram and heaps of people commented. So here’s short selection of what his fans said about it:

  • “The fall bop we didn’t know we needed.”
  • “This is as good as it gets! It’s a hit!!”
  • “Those chubby hands”
  • “Now that’s one cute toe jam.”
  • “I am going to have this song in my head all night now….”
  • “What a great way to get hit in the face!”

What did you think of Andy Cohen’s song for his baby Ben? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below

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