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Jinger Duggar Dresses Conservatively With Family In Town

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Jinger Duggar may seem like a rebel in the Duggar family with how she dresses, but that has all changed with her family in town. The mom of one is back to her conservative ways including no makeup.

Jinger Duggar changes outfits

According to Radar Online, Jinger Duggar recently moved to Los Angeles with her husband. Since then, people have been shocked to see how Jinger has been dressing. Normally, her family is very conservative in their dress and makeup. However, Jinger has been revealing more skin and wearing makeup.

In the past, she has been seen blonder, sporting bronzer skin and wearing ripped jeans and short shorts.

“Just last week Jinger was wearing ripped jeans, and before that, short shorts! The moment her parents come to town she goes back to wearing dresses,” said a source.

Now, the family is in town. Her parents and several of her siblings are visiting her in her expensive home. According to Radar Online, her house is $700,00 and has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Currently, she is only renting the home.

While the family visits, Jinger seems to be respecting their conservative wishes and ditching the short shorts and tan skin. This time, she opted for a casual dress and no makeup with her family around.

Why did she do it?

There are a few reasons Jinger could’ve switched it up. Maybe she just wants to respect her family’s conservative wishes. Or, maybe she was hoping they wouldn’t catch on to how she has been dressing without them around.

If Jinger was really doing this out of respect for her family, then more power to her. It’s clear she respects the wishes of her parents when they are around. However, she clearly doesn’t follow these rules when they aren’t. Hopefully, she doesn’t think she can keep the way she’s dressing a secret. Basically everyone has already found out.

Jinger is 25 years old so technically she can dress however she wants. It is definitely her choice all the time though so if she decides to go conservative sometimes, good for her.

Do you think it was a good idea for Jinger Duggar to dress conservatively when her family was in town, or should she have held her ground and wear whatever she wanted? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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