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Hannah Brown Of ‘DWTS’ Opens Up About Her Constant Mental Health Struggles

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Hannah Brown, like Colton Underwood, has been very open with how her mental health is doing after being on the show. She has always talked about depression and anxiety in her life. After The Bachelorette, she shared on social media how much she struggled.

It didn’t help she chose a man who turned out to be dishonest in the end. She said, “I’m struggling. Life is so different.” She said since the August before, she was a pageant queen, a contestant on The Bachelor, and the Bachelorette. She was in love with more than one person, got engaged, and broke it off.

Hannah Brown gets real about her mental state

Hannah Brown said her faith has been questioned by thousands according to The Cheat Sheet. She said her transparency with the choices she made labeled her promiscuous. Brown says there’s been time to adjust, but she still struggles with it all. It can’t be easy with so many people giving their opinion on your life.

It’s no different on DWTS. In an entry for Bustle, Hannah revealed she still feels the depression and anxiety she deals with all the time. In a journal, she wrote on one particular day that she felt hurt from Alan Bersten, her partner, yelling at her when she wasn’t doing something right. She doesn’t think he can understand what she deals with because of her mental health.

The former Bachelorette is very open about her mental health

In the Bustle entry, Hannah Brown addressed why she’s so relentlessly honest. Part of the reason Brown is loved by the public is her ability to be relentlessly honest. She keeps that up even when she’s struggling. She says she gets pissed off and mad sometimes. Then she tells herself there has to be a reason she’s in the spotlight right now.

Hannah said, “my gift and sometimes curse, is that I’m so open about my life.” In an earlier entry, Hannah said she was out of sorts and sad feeling like crying. She felt a lot of pressure and then blanked out.

She said the only way people can start to connect with others is to be open about what you’re dealing with. Brown said that should be the case, even if it’s something you’re uncomfortable with. She said you might tell the right person who has been waiting to feel security to open up. Fans love that she’s willing to be so open with her struggles. Hannah acknowledges that mental health is a taboo thing no one talks about. She says there’s a reason she’s center stage at this point of her life and she’s just going to keep sharing.

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