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‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Season 3: Dakota Fred, Dustin Back!

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It was just announced that Dakota Fred and Dustin Hurt are returning to Discovery for Gold Rush: White Water Season 3. When does the new season start? Who is back to gold mine in the rapids this season?

Dakota Fred and Dustin Are Back!

Dakota Fred and Dustin Hurt are returning for another season of dangerous gold mining. According to TV Insider, they have moved on from McKinley Creek to Cahoon Creek. This new location proves to be the most challenging one yet. Cahoon Creek is in the Chilkat Mountains. That is 2,000 feet up in those very mountains. This terrain has not been well-traversed and the crew will find challenges that range from weather to wildlife.

There is another challenge. They are breaking into two teams. It will be Dustin vs Fred. Dustin doesn’t have to worry about being “micromanaged” by his dad. On the other hand, Fred doesn’t have to put up with Dustin’s lousy attitude. In the Season 3 previews of White Water, it does look like these changes are going to give them a huge payday. Dustin reveals that this is the most gold they have ever mined. Fred smiles and says “I’m sucking up nuggets,” as the camera pans to some sizable pieces of gold. Wow! It looks like they are going to strike it rich.

But it is their skills in diving and in rock climbing that makes this sort of gold mining a true adventure. They are not just removing permafrost from hundreds of acres of land like Parker and Tony. This is extreme mining. You cannot reach the gold with conventional tools. But for this father and son gold mining team, this is a challenge. More than that, White Water is an adventure. They relish each obstacle. They are invigorated when they overcome each challenge. Could this be the secret to happiness? Maybe.

Dakota Fred’s Secrets To His Success

Dakota Fred even went to Facebook to philosophically talk about his most recent gold mining adventure. The 75-year-old gold miner doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon! He shared the three things that make up his attitude. They may also be his top secret to the fountain of youth. Adventure, the thrill of the hunt and treasure hunting are his secrets to happiness. Clearly Dakota Fred ticks all the boxes while participating in his special brand of gold mining.

“After 5 months in the ‘bush’, dealing with adverse conditions, overcoming problems, and putting up with another birthday,……here’s my attitude!
‘Adventure,’ the ‘Thrill of the Hunt,’ and ‘Treasure Hunting’ have a very positive effect! Watch Gold Rush: White Water to get a little of that feeling!
Starts November 8th, Discovery Channel.”

After 5 months in the ‘bush’, dealing with adverse conditions, overcoming problems, and putting up with another…

Posted by Dakota Fred on Sunday, October 13, 2019

Are you excited about the return of the Dakota Boys in the third season of Gold Rush: White Water?  Let us know what you think of the dangerous lengths that Fred and Dustin Hurt go to get gold. Gold Rush: White Water Season 3 begins on Discovery on November 8.


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