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Farrah Abraham From ‘Teen Mom’ Talks Feud With Jenelle Evans and Her Husband David Eason

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Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans have both lived a controversial life. Abraham starred on Teen Mom and Evans on Teen Mom 2. The two had a feud going on for a long time, but when Hollywood Life talked to Farrah recently, she said she’s over it.

Abraham said she supported her recent makeup launch and her having a better relationship with her man. While she said she supported them she said she didn’t agree with some of the things they’d been through. Of course, the news outlet had to ask if this meant a team-up between the two former Teen Mom stars for reality TV. She revealed she didn’t think her career was there right now.

What Is Farrah Abraham Into These Days?

Farrah Abraham said she was going to do more feature films and scripted shows right now. She is referring to her role in the film I Got The Hookup 2. It was produced by rapper Master P. In a Vlog on YouTube about a year ago, she is filming herself in hair and makeup as she got ready to be a cop for the movie. She said the word cop about fifty times as she rode in a car with her co-star. She said, “I don’t know how it feels to be a cop, I’m usually the one getting arrested.”

Farrah recently revealed to Fox News she wants to make her memoir, “My Teenage Dream Ended,” into a movie. She said she thinks Teen Mom should take over YouTube on the airplane when she’s traveling. She said she could come back and do the business part.

Would She Return To Teen Mom?

Farrah Abraham is very confident in herself. She said when asked if she’d come back to Teen Mom, “I don’t share my seasons with newbies. I’ll come back if it’s OG all the way.” She said she set herself and Sophia up for success without television.

Farrah is all about opportunity, so if the movie thing doesn’t pan out, she’ll most likely be back in the reality space. She said setting yourself up outside of television is an important part of it. She wishes the ladies the best because it, “trickles down to the children.”

Farrah didn’t address the recent things that have gotten her in the news. This includes incidents like her daughter Sophia having haters on Instagram. Fans will have to stay tuned to see if she reveals anything about that.

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