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‘The Masked Singer’ Freaked Twitter Out Last Night & Here’s Why


Another episode of The Masked Singer Season 2 aired last night. Both during and after the episode aired, some individuals took to Twitter to throw some shade at the masked singing competition. Bizarrely enough, these complaints had little to do with the contents of the show. In fact, the unhappy social media users openly admitted they don’t even watch the addicting series. So, why exactly did The Masked Singer had so many Twitter users in a frenzy last night? Keep reading to find out.

The Masked Singer chatter causes a lot of different celebrities to trend on Twitter.

True fans of The Masked Singer will spend the duration of Season 2 discussion who is under the various costumes as the series progresses. Chatter regarding who might be singing what, however, is full force during and right after a new episode airs.

With this in mind, it shouldn’t come as too much of a shock that as fans obsess over certain theories it can cause some celebrities to trend on social media. For example, there is a pretty heated debate between whether RuPaul or Seal could be the leopard. This has caused both celebrities to trend on Twitter.

It is the random celebrity trends with no real news or personal updates behind the trends that has caused some of the Twitter community to become uneasy.

When Twitter users see an older celebrity trending on social media, they instantly fear the worst.

As fans started to make their guesses regarding who might be the penguin, the fox, and the flower, celebrities such as Macy Gray and Tina Turner started to trend. At 52 and 79-years-old, the trend caused fans of the celebrities to panic. They quickly searched to determine why. After they discovered The Masked Singer was to blame for the trend, they were not happy.

So, many were quick to take to Twitter. They noted they weren’t huge fans of the show. They didn’t like the show causing random older celebrities to trend.

“I dont watch The Masked Singer, but I probably never will now because apparently that is the reason Tina Turner is trending right now. You are NOT allowed to send me into a sudden panic like that, screw you, show!!” One angry Twitter user penned.

Another chimed in: “I got on here and saw Macy gray trending, thought she died turns out she’s the masked singer smh. Ruined the show tonight, guess I’ll stay off here on Wednesday lol.”

Some fans don’t like how social media chatter spoils The Masked Singer.

Notably, some fans have also expressed they have to avoid social media. They avoid it until they get to watch the episode because of spoilers.

Did you watch last night’s episode of The Masked Singer? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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