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‘Temptation Island’ Update: Evan and Morgan Share Wedding Plans, Update

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Tonight it is time for Season 2 of Temptation Island. Last season, Evan and Morgan met on the show and fell in love. This relationship is still going strong. People shared a big update on this couple. They also do a great job of sharing with fans on their social networks.

Evan and Morgan from Temptation Island update

Evan Smith spoke to People about how things are going for the couple. It sounds like they couldn’t be happier.

“The last year has been wild. The first six months [of our relationship], until the show was done airing, we really weren’t allowed to be out in public together. But ever since the finale, it’s been so much better.”

Fans watched Evan show up with Kaci Campbell. These two had been dating off and on for a while. He fell for Morgan hard on the show and eventually couldn’t keep his hands off of her. They left the show together and have been a couple ever since. They are now living together in the Washington D.C. area. Kaci and Evan are no longer speaking to each other at all.


The couple’s wedding plans

Evan and Morgan got engaged six months after meeting on Temptation Island Season 1. They do want to plan a wedding, but Morgan admitted that not much has happened yet. She said, “I’m such a boy. Wedding planning isn’t on my priorities. I’m like, someone do it for me! Make me look pretty, that’s all I care about.”

It sounds like these two may end up hiring a wedding planner. Without a doubt though, they will tie the knot. It is all about getting the planning done for their big day. They do not regret how things turned out. Hopefully, some of the couples this season get their happily ever after either with the person they came with or someone new.

Don’t miss the new episodes of Temptation Island when they air on Thursday nights on USA Network. Tonight is the big Season 2 premiere.

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