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Were ‘The Masked Singer’ Judge Nicole Scherzinger’s Comments Less Offensive This Week?


A new episode of The Masked Singer aired last night. As we reported last week, judge Nicole Scherzinger wasn’t a huge hit with the viewers at home.

Fans weren’t happy with the comments she made during the judge banter.

After each masked contestant performs, the judges spend time chatting with each other and host Nick Cannon. During last week’s episode, Nicole Scherzinger made an off-putting comment that many took to believe she didn’t think the panda could sing.

Unfortunately for The Masked Singer judge, she was crucified on social media as many didn’t think it was her place to declare whether or not any of the contestants were able to sing.

Within fan group discussions of the show, at-home viewers spent the past week engaging in debates over whether Nicole took her role as a judge too far. Were people being overly sensitive or should she be more careful with her words?

During this week’s episode, Nicole Scherzinger appears to have responded to the backlash.

As those who paid attention to the banter this week may have noticed, Nicole Scherzinger seemed to dial back her judgmental comments. For example, Nicole found a way to sugar coat the fact that she believed the celebrity hiding under the eagle costume might be a little older in age. Instead of referring to the mysterious celebrity as being older, Nicole noted the eagle appeared to be “more mature” than some of the other contestants.

The eagle understood Nicole believed he was a more seasoned celebrity. Shortly after she made the comment, the eagle fell to his knees in response to the comment.

How did the viewers respond to the unfavorable judge this week?

Unfortunately, the chatter on Twitter both during an after the episode suggest Nicole may not be able to redeem herself. In general, fans of the series do not particularly care for her as a judge. Some Twitter users insist she isn’t even very good at guessing who is under the mask.

Another Twitter user referred to Nicole Scherzinger as “annoying” and an “attention seeker.” There were some fans who even used colorful NSFW language to describe their feelings toward the judge.

While a few fans weren’t as critical of the judge, they didn’t care for her jokes. For example, she referred to the flower as “heavy petal.”

Positive feedback regarding the judge was far and few between.

Unfortunately, Nicole Scherzinger didn’t get a lot of love from The Masked Singer viewers. She, however, did have one individual who claimed she was the only judge worth keeping around for an additional season.

Unfortunately, her change of tune is purely coincidental.

As Heavy pointed out during the first season of The Masked Singer, this series doesn’t work like other singing competitions. It isn’t a live show. They film the season quickly because of the celeb-studded contestant list. This is to accommodate how complicated celebrity schedules can be. More over, it would be a little easier to guess certain celebrities if they noticeably disappeared during the time it would take to film live episodes once a week.

So, unfortunately, this means her sugar coated judgmental comments this week were not in response to last week’s social media chatter.

What do you think about Nicole Scherzinger as a judge of The Masked Singer? Did you watch last night’s episode? Sound off in the comments down below.

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