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‘OutDaughtered’: Sleepover, Furniture Store And The Quints Need A Time-Out Meeting

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OutDaughtered quints are full of energy as they hit four-years-old. They recently took a trip to the furniture store. And, Adam Busby looked a bit exhausted at the thought.

Why did they venture to the furniture store? Well, the kids were having a sleepover, and they need some furniture. So, off they all went. But, the quints got a bit naughty during the shopping venture. So, Danielle called a time-out meeting.

OutDaughtered quints go furniture shopping for a sleepover

Adam shared a video on the @itsabuzzworld account on Instagram. He explained that there’s a massive new furniture store near their place, so they went to check it out. Danielle explained that there’s hardly any furniture in the quints’ room. As they arranged a sleepover for the kids, they headed over there to pick up some stuff. The place really looked massive and stretched as far as you can see. As you can imagine, it looked like a giant playground to five active little girls.

In no time at all, they found some “pretend” beers and cokes. Riley arranged everyone into a circle and the kids all touched their glasses together in a toast. Of course, she knew they weren’t real, and couldn’t spill. Even when her dad told the clever OutDaughtered kid she couldn’t drink coke, she told him, “it’s not real.” But, she also liked the “beer.”

After a few minutes, dad Adam said to the camera:” taking five quints to the furniture store, what could possibly go wrong?”

Playing with kitchen racks and the timeout meeting

Next, the girls found some reclining sofa beds. Then, they came across the kitchenware. The cutlery and bottle racks were replicas, but all of the quints started chanting “cut, cut, cut.” And, running their hands along them while getting up on the furniture.  So, Adam asked Riley if it was time for a time-out meeting. And, although she’s pretty much the ring leader, she agreed the time had come. So, Danielle got the girls and told them to settle. They all held hands in a pact and said “yes ma’am,” after she warned them not to get on top of the beds.

Then, one of the quints decided to hunt down and chase Adam, who nearly tripped on a carpet. Eventually, the family made their way back to the car. There, Adam noted they got out of the store “all in one piece.”

So, the next thing they did was go over to a games place and the girls had a lot of fun riding some rides. That really went down well with little Hazel who loved the game machines. She really liked driving a “bus” like the OutDaughtered “mama.”

outdaughtered quints at the furniture store
Image credits – itsabuzzworld | Instagram stories

Late night for the girls

After working off all that energy, it was time for something to eat. Adam told the camera it was “quite an eventful night for the girls.” He added, “We never keep them out this late.”

But, the girls weren’t done yet. They enthusiastically tried to make their own pizzas with the dough. To distract the kids from getting too active when their yummy-looking giant pizza arrived, Danielle got the quints to play statues. Ava was one of the first to break the freeze position as she kept laughing.

What did you think of the girl’s fun night out? It started off with them being a bit naughty in the furniture store. But, when they burned off some energy, they laughed a lot. Even Adam looked like he enjoyed much of it. Sound off your thoughts about keeping kids under control on a night out.

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