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Farrah Abraham’s Ten Year Old Daughter, Sophia, Has Instagram Haters! What?

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Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham’s little girl, Sophia, grew up in front of fans eyes. It’s hard to believe she’s now ten-years-old. It’s ever harder to believe she’s very active on social media and has Instagram followers. In fact she has over six-hundred thousand followers. This is not a fact that earns Farrah a lot of points in the great mom department from fans.

According to The Cheat Sheet, recently, Sophia took to her social media to address her haters and fans just think she’s too young to have to deal with it. Farrah Abraham has previously said the reason she home-schools Sophia is so she can go to more events. The young girl has traveled lots of places and had  Snapchat when she was seven years old.

What Does Farrah Abraham Think Of Her Daughter Reading Her Hater’s Comments

Farrah Abraham addressed her daughter dealing with haters and not in the way fans thought she should. Farrah is no stranger to hate and Sophia seems to be following in her mother’s footsteps. The young poster said she gets comments from haters everyday.  Not only did she read the hater’s comments, but said she was going to roast them.

Her mother commented on the post and said, “Your stronger then all the whiner haters, the negativity & proud of you for facing this head on ! Proud of the little lady I’m raising!” Farrah went on to tell her she was gorgeous and talented. Sophia’s fans are very worried about her and this last development on her social media. One fan said, “she’s growing up before her time and Farrah is taking her innocence away.” Another fan was disturbed by how much Sophia sounded like her mother.

What Did The Haters Have To Say About A Ten Year Old?

Sophia reads the first, “does anyone realize how edited her face looks or is it just me?” Another says, “I wish your mom would just let you be a little girl.” She puts the phone down and takes offense to this one. Farrah Abraham started Sophia’s Instagram when she was six-years-old. She’s never discouraged her from putting herself out there and often shares selfies of her and Sophia in matching makeup. It’s no wonder her fans and Sophia’s fans are concerned. For a child who grew up on MTV, it’s possible she might be out of touch with reality.




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