90 Day Fiance Ben applies for Akinyi K1 Visa

’90 Day Fiance Rumors’: Benjamin Applies For Akinyi’s K1-Visa


90 Day Fiance fans got a late-night leak that Benjamin applied for the K1-Visa for Akinyi. Possibly the least dramatic couple on the TLC show, they often get overlooked in terms of drama. Actually, they did make a bit of a stir, as people feel they’re so unsuitable together. However, that’s not unusual. But, the rumor just leaked did cause some surprise among fans of the show.

90 Day Fiance – were you expecting Benjamin to get Akinyi a K1-Visa?

About the only fireworks we really saw between Akinyi and Ben came over her not wanting to talk about her problems. Also, Akinyi’s brother looks a bit dodgy, some fans think. Also, Akyini managed to get flat out drunk, on almost a whiff of alcohol. Mostly, fans hate it that Ben’s got kids involved. He’s so obviously out of his element in Kenya when it comes to the cultural divide. Also, maybe it’s the portrayal of it all, but honestly, Akinyi’s not exactly from a particularly modern African family.

Many 90 Day Fiance fans see their relationship as going pretty much nowhere. That’s despite Ben looking suitably contrite when the church elders gathered to decide if they would give their blessing to the union. Oh yeah, shocking news – he got kids from a past relationship. In reality, that should not have been a big issue. In Africa, making kids is a sure sign of virility and great shame can come on a tribal woman who can’t bear children. Actually, Ben already had a son – an important factor to this day in some parts of Kenya. In fact, a woman who never bears male kids is “considered to be inadequate in Kenya and a Kenyan husband can marry other women in the hope of getting a son.” (Dr. Tabitha W. Kiriti Nganga.)

Fans react to the leak about Akinyi’s K1-Visa

Over on Instagram, @fraudedbytlc shared their leak. Usually quite reliable, they captioned it with: “Sorry it’s so late, y’all! I keep forgetting about Ben and Bikini! But here is this for you!” The post, which you can see below, mentioned the K1-Visa application. 90 Day Fiance fans reacted to the post, and here’s what some of them said about it:

  • “He’s crazy to do that. If how she’s being portrayed on TV is correct I would leave her where she is. His child should come first point, blank, period.”
  • “I feel like she’s another wanna be model that’s all on her IG page. I hope she’s in it with Ben for the right reason.”
  • “Oh my. Akinyi, I hope you aren’t becoming his second child, under his controlling thumb.”
  • “Wow didn’t expect that.”

What do you think about Ben applying for a K1-Visa for Akinyi? Did you expect that outcome? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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